Forgive me, it’s all gone a bit Mary Berry over here but I could do with your help. Our garden is home to several fruit trees and over the summer I’ve watched two of them flourish and harbour a huge crop of cooking apples. Admittedly after Thursday’s storms most of them are now strewn about the lawn and don’t look particularly tasty but there are still a load hanging. I’ve cupped my hand underneath the apples on the tree and gently twisted but they’re not ready to budge just yet, however with harvest season approaching I want to make sure I’m prepared to use the large glut and so I’m looking to you lovely lot for some recipe ideas.
It’s the first time I’ve ever had any fruit trees and my rose-tinted autumn glasses are filled with visions of baking crumbles and cakes, rather than slogging away on a whole load of DIY.
I’d love to hear your tried and testing crumble recipes or your tips for making apple sauce. If you’ve had a touch of the Monty Don this year what are you plans for all your fruit and veg? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.