I love brunch. Firstly it usually means it’s the weekend, most employers not being that keen for their employees to disappear for hours on end in the middle of the day during the week. Secondly it usually involves eggs. This is a good thing. Thirdly drinking alcohol is encouraged, even if it’s still officially the morning. Here’s my three current favourite places in East London to hang out with friends, eat eggs and possibly sink a Bloody Mary, or two.

Rita’s, 175 Mare Street

Recently upgraded from being a Dalston pop-up to a Hackney permanent, Rita’s (pictured above) serves up what one of my friends calls hipster food. Think American classics with a twist such as fried chicken in a bag and chilli mac and cheese. For me Rita’s is all about brunch (served 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday) specifically the scrambled eggs with miso butter muffins. I’ve tried to recreate it at home but it’s just not the same. Please never take it off the menu, OK?!

Mr Buckley’s, 277 Hackney Road

You’ll spot Mr Buckley’s by the neon sign outside. Inside it’s all exposed brickwork, plywood tables and stacking chairs. Brunch is served all day, which is brilliant if you like a lie in of a weekend. The menu changes regularly, recent favourites include a skillet of eggs, potatoes, spinach tomatoes and feta and a potato (I’d really like to see that one come back) and courgette rosti, with bacon, avocado and poached eggs. Yum.

Pavilion, Victoria Park

Go to the Pavilion on a sunny day, grab an outdoor table and sit facing the boating lake and it’s like you’re a million miles from grimy (but I love ya!) East London. I usually have the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast or the veggie breakfast which changes seasonally but currently comprises egg, mushroom, spinach, squash, bubble and squeak, beans and toast. They bake their own bread, which is far too good to waste on the ducks that hang out by the lake.

Are you a brunch fan too? Where’s your favourite place for brunch? Do share!