Sometimes it’s not until you bag yourself a shiny replacement item that you realise how shabby the original was. This is the case with the original patio we have at Chez Coleman. Since we had a brand spanking new one laid further down the garden, up until last weekend the original one nearer to the house looked like some poor scruffy cousin covered in weeds, dead plants and a table that might look more at home in a skip than in a garden.

Anyway how does this bring me on to my favourite Pinterest DIYs? Well I’ve been on the hunt for ideas to upgrade the existing patio as well as dress the new one on a budget and in the process I’ve found all sorts of inexpensive garden related DIYs which I thought would be mean to keep to myself. Tending your garden can be a tough job. You need the best tools you can have so I would suggest checking out Best of Machinery for your gardening needs.

Farmhouse Table

This table is the one that kicked it all off. Over on Positively Beautiful Life there’s a full DIY on creating a farmhouse style table that wouldn’t look out of place over on Cox and Cox. Take a look at this DIY outdoor dining table too. Apparently it cost pence. Well $85 dollars actually but it looks like it would sell for ten times a much.

Aged Pots

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I’ve got a few new terracotta pots which need a bit of weathering to make them at home with all my galvanised tubs. Antiques By Joy uses buttermilk and sandpaper to give hers an aged look and I’ve heard natural yoghurt also does the trick.

Easy Bench

Lina Pa Landet created a cute bench from a plank of reclaimed wood and a few bricks. I’m sure it would make the perfect perch for your G&T.

Outdoor Cinema

I’m not sure how many of us have a projector to hand but if you can borrow one then how lovely would it be to set up your own outdoor cinema? All you need is a pile of cushions and a plain sheet as seen on House and Garden.


In a similar style to filling a disused fireplace with fairy lights then this outdoor lighting display from Naturs Home would be easy to replicate in your own garden.

Stock Tank Pool

This craze is going down a storm in America with folks taking an agricultural water trough and turning it into a splash pool like Morgan from The Brick House. There’s lots of tutorials over on Pinterest.

Privacy Screen

If you’re overlooked then Thrifty and Chic has a very cute idea for adding a privacy screen to prevent the neighbours having a neb at you relaxing in the garden.

Outdoor Bar

The image in the header is from my last garden. I really miss the outdoor bar we had in our old courtyard garden and sometimes wonder if we should have brought it with us to the new house. Alicia from a Burst of Beautiful takes hers to a brand new level though and there’s a link to all the plans too if you fancy DIYing your own.

Vertical Planter

If you have an expanse of wall and a low budget then you could consider getting yourself a jute hanging organiser from Amazon and filling it with herbs. The DIY tutorial is over on Instructables.

I deliberately haven’t mentioned any palette or apple crate DIYs as there are millions of those about for you to try. Do let me know if you think you’ll give one of these a whirl or drop us a comment about your latest DIY garden projects.