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The Best Budget Hair Texturisers?

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’ve got a Pinterest board full of texturised ‘lobs’. I’ve spent the last few months growing out the layers of my bob so I can leave behind the flicks and get more of a rough and ready blunt style.
There’s a fine line between deliciously undone and dragged through a hedge backwards and I’m more likely to fall into the latter more than the former. However on the days I’m having a good hair day it’s usually because I’ve managed to play around with a few products. I’m yet to bite the bullet and splash out on the fabled Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray so here’s the budget products I’ve been using to get the much needed texture.

Texturising Spray

I got my mitts on the VO5 Give Me Texture Spray after I ran out of the Redken Wind Blown Finishing Spray. Like the Redken, this VO5 bottle holds a mild control hairspray that works to create volume and texture defining the layers within the hair but at less than a fiver it’s far cheaper. It has a matte finish which is essential for this type of style and has a sea salt formulation to separate strands and add some oomph.

Sea Salt Spray

Speaking of sea-salt, a somewhat controversial statement but I think I prefer OGX’s Sea Salt Spray to the John Frieda Beach Blonde Waves one. I know. Contentious.
If you’d like to embrace your inner Arial and embrace the best of mermaid chic then you need a sea salt spray in your life. I spray this on to damp hair rather than dry, and give it a quick scrunch for some extra definition. As it’s infused with moroccan oils this product gives me more tamed texture than John Frieda’s crunchier version. My only bugbear with this is it makes my tresses seem even thicker, however this could be an excellent plus point for others.

Dry Shampoo

For an instant refresher I am addicted to Dry Shampoo and steer towards the brunette version of Batiste to alleviate the tell-tale white residue. I actually use dry shampoo on freshly washed hair as well as between washes. I turn my head upside down, spray a few spritzes through the lengths and rub in to get a bit of a tousle and texture. When I’m out and about I’m a big fan of the Batiste Plumping Powder which is must-have to remedy hat hair or for a bit of impromptu styling.

Texturising Creme

So the Bumble and Bumble Bb.Texture creme falls into the budget category as I just have the smaller travel size tube for £10 rather than the full size £23 version. This gritty cream is great to apply to damp hair for a windswept look and creates a smoother finish than a salt spray. Have a gander in our archives to see the results of this cheeky little wonder.

What products do you use to get texture and volume in to your hair? What are your tried and tested favourites for getting a tousled do?

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24 thoughts on “The Best Budget Hair Texturisers?

  1. Lauren have you tried Toni and Guy Rough Texturiser spray? It’s along the lines of the Oribe spray and the bumble and bumble Dry Spun spray but cheap as chips!

    Colab dry shampoo is excellent for roughing up hair texture and doesn’t leave a white residue.

      1. The Toni and Guy Rough Texturiser spray has a third off in Superdrug! Def worth giving a go-thanks for the recommendation Vicky. I have naturally curly hair and am always looking for a decent texture spray/product to make it look ‘tousled’ rather than ‘poodle perm’ ? X

  2. I used to be a Batiste girl but then bought the Aussie dry shampoo on a whim- and it’s AMAZING. It smells like a fancy hairdressing salon and it works magic!

    1. Love the fragrance of Aussie products. This may sound weird but I find the three minute miracle has a really comforting smell, almost like the plasticy smell my favourite doll used to have?! I just sound really odd don’t I?

      1. I do know what you mean! Did you ever have those smelly cupcake dolls? Smelt a shampoo the other day that was exactly the scent, brought it all back!

  3. I use Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray daily (currently half price in Superdrug at £2.13 a can!). Gives lots of root lift and texture, coping really well with my long London commute.

    I think I’ve just used this product for about 18 months or so now and am a total convert to using a hair product through it, having bought and then not really used other things which seem to heavy, sticky, leave a residue….

    If you do use it bear in mind it comes out heavier in the first few uses, and can be a touch too powdery then but just shake it out 🙂

  4. You need to try Colab dry shampoo. They’ve just relaunched it in a lovely scent called Paradise- (smells very like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess!) and leaves no white residue! x

  5. I love the VO5 range, it’s great for adding some good old scouse to volume to a big bouncy blow. Their powder is fab too. I might need to try your other recommendations too xx

  6. Got a blunt bob at the weekend so perfect timing! Having very fine, soft hair that can be weighed down with too much product I usually stick to mousse before blow drying, but it doesn’t give me that texture I am after. Will have to try ALL of these products now, thanks Lauren!

  7. Whilst we’re talking about dry shampoo then I have to share my recent discovery – that of Klorane – in the nettle ‘flavour’ – I too was a Bastiste fan but this trumps it in every way. Also I really love Bumble & Bumble’s dry spun finish spray which adds volume without a sticky mess. Plus it smells amazing too…

  8. All i have time to say is
    Wella dry me Eimi- stockpile
    I use it less as a dry shampoo more as a spray to add texture to my fine slippery hair. Lifesaver

  9. I think if I added up all the hours Batiste has saved me from washing and drying my hair, I have probably added at least a month to my life to date. What the hell did we do before dry shampoo was a thing?? x

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