Shirt and shorts from Zara Kids 'Mini' with navy blue prewalker shoes from Early Years as worn by Prince George with a jumper by The Little White Company
Baby boy leggings from Zara Kids
Blue Shoes
Blue Shoes
Navy Blue Leather Pre-Walker shoes from Early Years - Alex model as worn by Prince George
Yellow lion t-shirt by John Lewis and all in one orange striped romper by The Little White Company
Blue Hues
Blue Hues
Bodysuit and short striped blue romper suit by The Little White Company with a long sleeved elephant print polo shirt from Rachel Riley.
Get Knotted
Get Knotted
Knot motif romper by Tiny Cottons and short sleeved cotton romper by The Little White Company
Monkey & Mole soft grey leather moccasins
Striped boys dungarees from Boden Kids with a white polo vest from The Little White Company and grey moccasins from Monkey & Mole

Small Fashions {Summertime Essentials}

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

If there’s one thing I love more than shopping for myself then it’s got to be shopping for a little one. Be it boy or girl there’s something so bewitching about buying clothes in such diddy sizes that inevitably ends up in Steven looking at me with one eyebrow half raised when the postman arrives with my latest haul.

I’m the first to admit that I  buy too much on the clothing front for Hector (there are outfits he has only had the chance to wear once because he’s grown so quickly). But having grown up in a family of girls with two sisters and an uber fashionable mum I am well and truly ‘enabled’ on my shopping adventures. I make no excuses however, instead it’s only fair that I share my experiences about various baby brands as well as those items I’ve purchased for Hector’s summer wardrobe.

Whilst this post is predominantly a baby boy fashion post, so many of the picks below actually could quite easily be unisex so I hope that mummies of boys and girls alike will enjoy the post.

Zara Kids

Zara Kids is my kryptonite. Hell who am I trying to kid, Zara anything is seriously bad for my bank balance. I love it all, be it these shoes (which I bought for a wedding I’m attending on Friday) or this t-shirt, you can pretty much guarantee that every time I pop onto the site I come away with something for me and something for Hector. In all seriousness though I really rate their kids clothes not only because they wash extraordinarily well but also because, for Hector at least, the clothes actually fit according to the labelled size. There’s none of this shall I buy two sizes bigger just so he’s got a bit of growing room dilemma that you so often find with other brands. Plus I find that the label is reasonably priced too which helps with the pennies when you’re on maternity or even working part-time.

I have to confess that Hector is yet to wear the mixed stripe shirt and the bloomer style blue and white striped shorts. I bought them both on an aforementioned ‘I’m only looking but oh dear look what’s just fallen into my basket’ browsing adventure but the weather hasn’t quite been warm enough to garb him in this matchy matchy combo (they are quite thin). I can attest to their superb quality though and I’ll be sure to snap him in the outfit and post it on my personal Instagram account when I do.

All of the leggings pictured here are also from Zara. We’ve got everything going on from skateboard motifs,  Zebra stripes (my favourite), paper boats prints and a bit of nuts and bolts action. I usually pair them with an equally awesome t-shirt on warmer days or add a jumper or long-sleeved top into the mix when it’s a bit chillier. I love the flexibility that stretchy leggings give him now particularly when he’s trying so desperately to crawl.


Boden is another one of those brands where a bit of mother and baby shopping activity occurs. I’ve not purchased much for myself this year but having spied on their instagram feed last week, their Autumn/Winter collection looks like it’s going to be epic (think tweed and cloaks and a gorgeous capsule Icons range).

One summer staple that Hector has worn a-plenty already is this pair of striped dungarees which you can let down or button up at a shorter length depending on your fancy. I pair them with various bodysuits in different  lengths depending on the temperature outside and the loose fit means that they’ll still be practical and wearable in a couple of months to come.

The Little White Company

I feel I have to apologise in advance for the ridiculously heavy focus on The Little White Company in this fashion spread. Oh and for the overuse of the blue/white/striped colour theme; I fear I may have a small problem.

I’m the first to admit that The White Company is not the cheapest of options compared to other baby brands out there but I always purchase when there’s a discount event going on and you can pretty much find an online code floating around on the numerous voucher sites if you google before you buy. The reason I keep coming back to the brand is because of the quality of the products and the versatility of the designs. In fact they wash and fit so well that I’ve packed up all of his smaller clothes from the shop for the next baby whenever he/she may arrive. It’s all about cost per wear people…

The fine knit crew neck blue and white striped jumper with red star motif is perfect for summer particularly when it becomes a bit colder towards the end of the day without becoming stiflingly hot. Plus it’s 100% cotton which means you can chuck it in with the rest of the wash without worrying about any shrinkage.

The short sleeve shortie in orange, the nautical stripe shortie in blue and the soft stripe dungarees in blue have all had their day in the sun. Literally. I added the white textured anchor jumper to add that extra bit of warmth to nearly all the outfits in question and Hector had plenty of compliments on the dungarees in particular which is so soft and thus perfect for baby skin.

For warmer days I add short sleeved bodysuits like this one or this one. Equally if you feel your little one needs that extra bit of cover then I highly recommend the long sleeved vests from Boden.

Tiny Cottons

The short sleeveless all-in-one with the knot motif is from a Spanish company called Tiny Cottons whose Spring/Summer collection I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with. Admittedly it’s not cheap but for the odd one-off purchase I think it’s a treat that’s ok to indulge in. I actually purchased this all-in-one from Scout & Kids and took advantage of a 20% off promotion to make it that bit more affordable.

P.S. I’ve sworn that I’m going to indulge in their Swaddle blankets for baby number two.

John Lewis

The mellow yellow lion t-shirt was actually purchased by my baby sister who insists on bringing pattern, print and colour into Hector’s wardrobe at every opportunity. I can at times be guilty of being a little monochrome or adhering to an overly blue palette (something that was made particularly clear to me when composing this post) so I’m grateful to her for shaking things up a little. I also know that the photos with him wearing the more corny rather than stylish outfits will be the ones that make me smile in twenty years time. Plus it has polka dots…everyone loves polka dots.

Rachel Riley

My mum often ventures to London and came back  with this long sleeved polo shirt bedecked with blue elephants from a recent trip (which I’ve paired with the short blue and white striped all-in-one with anchor motif). Most of you will probably know Rachel Riley as the label that so often dresses the loveable Prince George and yes it is spendy. It’s not something that I would have bought myself per se but it is unquestionably soft and surprisingly durable to boot. Hector has already worn it a myriad of times and the top shows no signs of fading yet. I don’t seem to be able to find the top on the website however which is a shame but I’m lusting after this and this.


Speaking of Prince George, I was informed after purchasing the navy blue pre-walkers from Early Years (styled in the Nautical get up) that these were the very same shoes that he sported in his trip to Australia. I’m sensing there’s a theme here…

Hector has yet to wear the ‘Alex’ shoes but I honestly don’t see him being that far off given that his feet are a bit on the larger side. Hobbit feet anyone? They are super soft so won’t affect his developing feet without compromising the style factor either. I bought this pair from the children’s boutique Children’s Salon and I have my eyes on this pair too. His dad walked at ten months so we might need these sooner than we think!

Before Hector was born I also indulged in these buttery smooth grey leather moccasins from Monkey & Mole which I figured would suit both girls and boys (we didn’t know what we were having at the time) and which have since sold out. Bad times. That said they do have lots and lots of other styles – all equally beautiful – and they have recently collaborated with Rebecca Kiff to produce moccasins with a oh so sweet hot air balloon print. Rebecca also creates wonderful baby products – I’ve got the sweet bunny softie and can attest to its high quality.

So folks, what have been your top small person purchases this season? Do you also have a weak spot for certain boutiques or colour spectrums?  Please feel free to share your recent buys in the comments so we can all have a nosey.


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Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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49 thoughts on “Small Fashions {Summertime Essentials}

  1. I love your outfit choices for Hector, Lolly!

    Spotted quite a few of my favourite kids brands in there too, although going to check out Rachel Riley and Tiny Cottons right now (and blaming you when my husband has a fit!).

    I’ve had to give up on the pale coloured trousers for Mister L now we are back in the UK as he crawls/walks everywhere and everything just gets filthy.

    Love those colours for holidays though, perfect for crawling about somewhere warm and not muddy.

    1. Thanks so much Lora! I guarantee you’ll love Tiny Cottons – all of the clothing is perfectly unisex so if I were to have a baby girl next time round she could easily wear all of Hector’s old clothes – at least that’s what I tell myself.

      And I’m waiting on tenterhooks for when Hector starts to crawl – he’s mastered going backwards by sliding and is trying to get his legs up underneath him but I don’t think he’s quite strong enough yet. He’s definitely getting very stroppy in the process!

  2. We are completely the opposite with Zara, it’s the only shop where Juliet wears the next size up consistently! She’s 10 weeks old and currently wears their 3-6 clothes but 0-3 everywhere else. But it doesn’t put me off! We’re off to France this August on our first family holiday and I’ve already done a bumper order with Zara. We’ve got a couple of pairs of those leggings but in strips and a fruit design. I’ve also got her an awesome tshirt that says oh la la. That might be her travelling outfit!

    My other big favourite is John Lewis. I think its really reasonably priced and the clothes are very good quality. We were buying all of her vests and bodysuits from supermarkets because they were pretty good and also very reasonable considering they’re often the things to get soiled the most, but I discovered John Lewis sell basics for the same price but they’re much softer organic cotton. All the other clothes we’ve got from there are also good.

    I also really rate Baby Gap for girl clothes. I’ve bought heaps from there for my niece before and there aren’t many Gap shops around so you don’t see other children in them so much.

    We got so many clothes as gifts that I’ve only really bought Juliet a few bits so far so I’ve not done heaps of shopping around. With the big Zara order and the clothes she was given when she was born we’re pretty much sorted until she’s 6 months old I think. However, by then it will be coming to Autumn and I am seriously considering starting Pintrest boards for both of our autumn wardrobes..

    1. How bizarre Jennifer because Gap is one of the stores where nothing seems to fit Hector properly. They’re usually too short in the body and legs for him and then too loose in the width if I go up a size to try to get the length. I do love their clothes though – we have quite a few winter cardis from there which he wore lots when he was smaller. They wash really well too.
      In terms of Zara there is a romper that I’d love to get if I had a girl – it has ‘pineapple bebe’ on the front of it and it’s awesome! Please will you or somebody get it – I’m almost tempted to buy it and put it away in case I have a girl in the future (is that insane?!)
      I do love John Lewis – the same sister who bought him the lion t-shirt also bought him a pair of orange tiger dungarees (she likes her brights) which are gorgeous and are brilliant quality. I tend to buy my basics (vests etc) from M&S but I’ve heard lots of good things about JL essentials too. I might check them out when I come to purchasing the next lot when he moves up a size.
      P.S. I’ll start a Pinterest board if you do 😉

      1. You have a Juliet too! I’ve never met another mum-of-a-Juliet, it’s one of those names which seems to be consistently under used.

        Clearly we have great taste in baby names 😉

          1. Haha! I’ve not met a Juliet parent either! We had Romeo and Juliet by the Dire Straits as the first dance at our wedding and it came from there. The midwives at the hospital all said they’d not heard the name in years though, which I loved!

            1. That’s lovely (and a great song, it reminds me of Empire Records). My sister suggested it for us – we love that it’s not popular too, but nor is it ‘out there’ or dated.

  3. Unfortunately my daughter is now 2.5 and has Views on what she wants to wear. Last night I bought her a My Little Pony t-shirt from Amazon. Bad times.

    When I was allowed to dress her in what I wanted, I was a big fan of Zara Baby, but I find that they – like a lot of other shops – really fall down in the toddler transition stage. Great for babies and small people (much like Joules and Boden) but a bit lacking as it crosses over.

    1. I hadn’t even thought about the transition stage Sara but I have to admit that I do break out in a cold sweat when I think of how future Hector might want to wear his spiderman/he-man/superman outfit to the shops. Yes it’s cute when it’s other people’s kids but when it comes to your own it’s not so endearing.
      When I think about my own childhood, my favourite outfits were most definitely not my mum’s! There were a few battles!

      1. Yep. It hurts. I offer my stepson all sorts of lovely, tasteful tshirts from Boden and the like, and instead he wanders about in a minion onesie or a very LOUD Angry Birds jacket. We just pretend we’re not with him when we’re out, it’s much easier that way.

  4. Aaargh, sooo cute! It is too early to start buying clothes at only 15 weeks pregnant right?! Page is bookmarked for future spending needs though, I am a little overexcited about buying tiny clothes…! x

    1. Annie I started buying at 12 weeks! I know ridiculously early but I just couldn’t wait. I’d definitely recommend lots and lots of onesies for the early days that wash well – M&S are brilliant for this.

      1. Excellent advice, thank you – I shall take a look at M&S. I am really really trying to restrain myself for a few more weeks at least but it is so tricky! I work right by a Zara Kids and Baby Gap too, which is seriously unfair (but very useful/dangerous in the future!).

        1. Resist the temptation! Haha! You’ll be glad when you get closer to your due date though – not so far to walk!

    2. Such cute things, I’m 30 wks and I’m still a little bit in denial (!) so not really looked at nice outfits. Hoping that the grandmas & aunties crack on with the luxury clothes buying though 😉

      1. I’m sure they will Victoria! Do you know what you’re having? Perhaps you could give the grannies a little nudge…

          1. Me too! Despite the predominance of blue in this post I don’t really believe in the pink for girls, blue for boys mentality.

            1. me neither, and I just really like blue! It means my fake niece ends up in ‘boys’ clothes all the time. It really pisses me off that all the cool stuff with airplanes, dinosaurs etc is ‘for boys’ and all the girls stuff is lurid pink and has ruddy flowers all over it.

              (nothing against flowers obvs, just don’t want them on clothes!)

  5. Great picks Lolly, I love all the stripes! Fellow Zara junkie here – I have a 4 month old little girl and have to restrain myself from buying her one of everything. These are my latest purchase- I’m a sucker for anything with pineapples—shorts/pineapple-shorts-c374008p2722503.html. I also saw the pineapple romper but had already purchased this one for the bargain price of £5! Loving these kiddie fashion posts but they are terrible for my bank balance! x

    1. Another pineapple lover eh Tracy! I have a feeling that Charlotte will want to compare pineapple purchases with you later. Love those pineapple shorts – do they do them in adult sizes too?

      1. Ha Lolly I wish! I’d have totally had a pair. I have to confess to purchasing Charlotte’s pineapples beach towel for our upcoming holiday. I’m now on the lookout for a pineapple passport holder…

  6. Oh, I wish I could still buy teeny tiny baby clothes. They are just the cutest. I find that now the girls are a bit bigger everything just seems a little bit too trendy. And alice is not even 2 yet (but she’s in 2-3). It seems that as soon as they get past 2 everywhere thinks, I know lets go for sequins and buttons and funny cropped tops! That’s why I love Boden as they always have the prettiest prints and things that actually look like Children’s clothes. Plus they just last and last. They are the only clothes that I have kept. Molly had those Boden dungarees but in pink and they were my favourite ever. I love all the Zara clothes so have to resist the urge to buy them. I mostly like the younger girls stuff though so Molly at age 3-4 doesn’t fit in them. I can’t justify buying too much for Alice either as she has all Molly’s old wardrobe already! May have to have a little splurge now after seeing this. x

    1. Lottie you could always have another one 😉

      I’ll hold my hands up and say that I do prefer the more traditional clothes over the trendy items. Kids should be kids for as long as they can and you’re completely right with the Boden ethos. I was the lucky one in my family since I was the eldest so I had everything ‘new’ whereas my two younger sisters had lots of my cast-offs and weren’t best pleased about it. You could always have a splurge and say it’s for Alice’s benefit and I told you to….

      1. Um, no!!! Two is quite enough for me!
        I do try and get some new things as would hate her just to have second hand things. Plus there is always so much nice new stuff around. I can always lie and tell Edd it is for work research purposes! x

  7. I have a 14 wk old baby boy so loving this post thanks! Maybe I’m the only one but I have really tired of all the stripes and constant sailor/nautical themed stuff- I look at the girls clothes and they seem so much more interesting!

    Am a massive little white company fan and also John Lewis too- especially if you get in the sale. Haven’t bought anything from Zara yet but I think you might have tempted me with this post! I genuinely think Bertie is better dressed than me these days!

    1. I do know what you mean Emma – the girls get all the fun in my opinion. But I think that’s the same in real life too – my husband always complains that there’s so much more choice for women. Definitely head to Zara if you want to buy some goodies that aren’t as pricey as JL and White Company. And whilst you’re there have a look for yourself too!

  8. Not really related but just been on the Zara website for a lunchtime browse and they have A MATERNITY SECTION!!!! sooo excited 🙂

      1. Vicky personally I think that’s very restrained 😉
        I dread to think of how much I’ve spent on Hector…

        1. Lolly, I’m 20 weeks pregnant so no idea what I’m having yet, but the baby gros are adorable! I’ll leave it till after work and ‘maybe’ buy them then (totally going to!!). I sit wrong that I like ordering from Zara on line mainly because it comes so nicely packaged?

    1. I saw that the other day Vicky and was a bit gutted that I didn’t know about it when I was pregnant! I relied on Gap mostly because they offered free shipping on all things maternity and because their clothes were reasonably priced too.

      1. I’ve bought a fair few bits from Topshop and Next (they both do a super long leg I need ideally a 36” inside leg but can get away with 34” and you can order to store for free!!) and my best friend has lent me some of her maternity tops, so far I still fit in most of my looser tops, I gave up on ‘proper’ trousers and jeans about 2 weeks ago!

        I am waiting to ‘balloon’… if my feet grow I will cry though (I’m a size 8 or 9 as it is!!)

        1. I went up a size Vicky but I think that was from water retention more than anything else. Seven months on though and I’m back to normal…

    1. Buy! Buy! Buy! Then I won’t feel so bad! Plus send me some pictures of Ruben in his outfits with those super big eyes of his!

  9. We have some of those leggings too. Love them! They are so versatile and great for layering up when you don’t know what the weather is going to do. I know what you mean about Zara, I went in the other day for one thing and £100 later I was leaving the store. I bought my little boy a lush pineapple shirt and faded demon shorts and little grey shoes. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up for him to wear them! I also love H&M for basics like polo shirts and nursery things and have found a few designer bits in TK Maxx like a Ralph Lauren top for £8 and shorts for £12. Worth a look when you want something fancier!!

  10. Brilliant post Lolly! So much loveliness! We find out if we’re having a boy or a girl TOMORROW (I AM GOING TO BURST!) so once we know I expect to fully be buying lots of things from Zara (I love pretty much everything on there). Although your tip to buy lots of onesies for the early months is definitely happening too. Can’t wait! x

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