Outdoor Finds For Your Garden

Author: Lauren Coleman

Let’s do the very British thing by talking about the weather. It’s hot isn’t it? Some of you may be like me and seeking solace indoors whilst the rest of you are likely to be putting any outside space to use. Here are a few bits and pieces for the garden which I’ve recently purchased or have my eye on.

Fire Pit

We have a fire pit in our garden but unfortunately it’s gone rusty over the years and the bottom has more or less fallen out which doesn’t make for the safest marshmallow toasting. For my dad’s birthday this year we bought him one from Amazon. I have to say I was quite impressed with its heating prowess. Admittedly we were practically on top of it but the mesh sides mean so much more heat gets kicked out and makes for a toasty evening.


I’ve been after a parasol for ages after my original one ended up with a huge rip in it. After battling with a garden table that was too small for years, we stripped the top off last year and added some wooden planks instead and now we can comfortably fit eight rather than squeezing on six. We intended to cut a hole in the centre for a parasol but instead bought Ikea’s free standing one. The base is MASSIVE and we had planned to manoeuvre it down on to the bottom patio too (the patio pictured in the header image) as it’s such a sun trap, however I think it’s staying put. If you’re after a giant parasol then I’d recommend it but for a smaller one, try Argos instead.

Outdoor Rug

I’d love an outdoor rug for the newer patio we have. The one pictured above was ‘borrowed’ from the bedroom. We had a waterprrof rug at our old house and I wish we’d bought it with us. The polypropylene ones can be used inside and out and hosed down for a quick clean. I found this one on Amazon but would prefer one in grey. The search continues.


Why have a regular rectangle blanket for your picnic when you can have a circular one? I’m a sucker for a round rug, towel or blanket and a couple of these Aldi specials dotted about the garden or park would be very handy.

Outdoor Lighting

Rock My Wedding’s Lorna is having a fabulous extension added at the moment and is in the market for new outdoor lighting. I pointed her in the direction of Wilko lighting as I’m a big fan of their ultra reasonable pricing and have had lots of comments on the fisherman lights that illuminate my patio.
Last year I bought some warm solar lights from Next to coil around thinner tree trunks. They were so good! Then James unfortunately put the strimmer through the wire and I lost a set. If anyone knows where I can get some replacements from I would love you forever.

Outdoor Cushions

The cushions I use outdoors are just regular bog-standard ones. I really like these M&S Palm Print water resistant ones. If you prefer something a bit zingier then check out Aldi’s offering instead.

Melamine Tableware

I’ve had lots of friends over with littles recently and realised I need to get myself some more plastic glasses. I wouldn’t recommend giving them your favourite Anthro glasses as I discovered a few weeks ago.
For super stylish ones I love the Design Letters ones from Not On The High Street however these palm print ones from M&S scream summer.

Garden Chairs

I would really like some extra seating for our patio as when we have folks around we always seem to be short of a chair or two. I haven’t found anything that’s quite right but did come across this hanging macrame chair which would be lovely strung from a sturdy tree! For a stylish plastic chair on a budget then this shape of grey plastic chair is different to the usual white plastic ones you may be familiar with.

Are you spending more time outdoors at the moment? Any new garden finds you’d like to share?

  • Grey Plastic Chair
    The Range Grey Chair
  • Wilko Fishermans Wall Lantern
    Wilko Fishermans Wall Lantern
  • Amazon Outdoor Rug
    Amazon Outdoor Rug
  • Palm Print Outdoor Water Resistant Cushion
    Marks and Spencer Palm Print Cushion
  • M&S Palm Tumbler
    M&S Palm Tumbler
  • Design Letters Melamine Tumbler
    Design Letters Melamine Tumbler
  • Amazon Fire Pit
    Amazon Fire Pit
  • Aldi Circular Blanket
  • Macrame Hanging Chair
    Macrame Hanging Chair
  • Ikea Parasol

Image taken from my last year’s patio reveal post

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15 thoughts on “Outdoor Finds For Your Garden

    1. Aldi is bloody great isn’t it? I hadn’t spied those chairs there. Can’t believe they have string ones for £24.99.
      I can’t tell you how many of those parasols we saw at the car hire pick-up place in Sardinia!

  1. Wyevale garden centres have a great selection of solar lights at the moment.
    I bought some string lights at the weekend, which are working really well and some large hanging light bulbs, which are clipped to my parasol.
    I also got some fab solar lights from Extremely pleased with those. They also do these string lights
    B&Q do a selection of outdoor rugs for £15 too.

    1. Hi Kate, I heard about these B&Q rugs but when I went into store I couldn’t find them.
      Those string lights look perfect. Thank you! x

  2. Try Wyevale garden centres and Sheds Direct for a good selection of solar lights and B&Q have a small selection of outdoor rugs for £15. Plus I have bought those M&S palm print cushions and they are really lovely, if a tad expensive!

      1. Some of the battery ones come with a timer so problem solved – and I find the light better than on solar ones.

  3. A decent sun umbrella is my one garden obsession (being naturally red haired and freckly with a matching almost 3 year old!) as I love being outside but hate being in direct sun ( Ill happily sit out by the pool all day on holiday as long as i’m in the shade! I hate being too hot.). We’ve just taken delivery of this one from John Lewis (I think this is it it took 6 weeks to arrive!)

    A couple of summers ago we invested in new garden furniture and splashed out on this Jamie Oliver set

    We had contributions towards the cost for birthday and Christmas presents and I ma pretty sure it wasn’t this expensive when we got it. We have used the ‘grilling option’ but wouldn’t recommend barbecueing on the table you want to eat on! The drinks cooler has been used quite a bit as a drinks cooler and a makeshift toddler paddling pool!! Its cast aluminium so won’t rust and looks like cast iron but is super light so we can move it round the garden.

    Also, I’ve not bought these but how lush is this melamine picnicware from next? I’ve seen it in store and it looks really nice.

    Not garden related but how are you coping with the heat Lauren? x x

    1. Excellent find on the melamine bits in Next. Love a bit of marble!
      Thanks for asking Vicky. Not too bad thanks, but hello cankles!

    1. Love the heart Sarah. Great for a large empty space like you say and a good price for the size too x

  4. I love the wire side table in the main picture at the top of the page, do you know where it’s from? Xx

    1. Hi Natalie, I bought it from HomeSense a few years ago – I think it’s meant to be a basket?! I turned it upside down and spray painted it grey x

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