Stripes & denim
Stripes & denim
Sincerely Jules. Breton stripes + boyfriend jeans #rockmystyle
Lock star
Lock star
Sincerely Jules. Bun + backpack #rockmystyle
Camo cool
Camo cool
Sincerely Jules. Camo + shirtdress #rockmystyle
Sincerely Jules. Rings on every finger #rockmystyle
Slogan tee
Slogan tee
Sincerely Jules. Slogan tee + statement skirt #rockmystyle
Sincerely Jules. Sequins in the desert #rockmystyle

Monday Muse | Sincerely Jules

Author: Miranda Eason

I always thought the buzzy city of New York was my spiritual American home until I went on a road trip around California last year and the sprawling, sundrenched city of Los Angeles stole my heart.

The people who live there are some of the friendliest and most positive I’ve ever met. It’s packed with enough juice bars, veggie restaurants and yoga studios to keep the health-loving side of me very happy indeed. And the laidback style of its coolest residents is the kind of look I would wear year round if we were blessed with better weather in London.

Unsurprisingly I returned home with a much heavier suitcase than the one I arrived with.

Back in London I get my daily hit of California sun from Sincerely Jules, a blog chronicling LA-based uber-blogger Julie Sarinana’s life, style and travels.

Whether she’s at home in LA, or jetsetting around the world, she’s never less than perfectly put together in an effortless-looking kind of way, mixing casual with smart, and high street with high end, to create a look that’s a little bit sophisticated and a lot cool all at the same time.

Signature pieces include slouchy slogan t-shirts, camouflage printed everything, chic blazers, plaid shirts, easy-breezy dresses, short skirts, cosy knits and ripped jeans that are just the right side of ruined.

And boy can she accessorise, with statement sneakers adding an edge to smart looks, high heels making a casual look work appropriate, designer bags adding a touch of luxe, jewellery running the gamut from delicate to chunky, and aviator sunnies topping everything off.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I covet practically everything she wears.

Until I work out how I can have one of those lives where I spend half the year in LA (our winter, obviously) and the other half in London I’ll be regularly checking Jules’ blog for endless style inspiration and sunny escapism. Sigh.

All photographs above by Temoc Gonzalez (Jules’ boyfriend fyi).

Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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12 thoughts on “Monday Muse | Sincerely Jules

  1. I follow few fashion bloggers (no time/I find it’s all a bit hit and miss) but I LOVE sincerely Jules, there is always something from every single outfit that I covet, she does casual glamour like no-one else.

    1. Hello from another SJ fan. I managed to FINALLY get my hands on a sincerely jules celfie t shirt last week… i know they’re as common as muck now – all across fashion blogs and insta… but I wore it night out to a Superbowl party with a pale grey (topshop) leather skirt and nike silver high tops and i felt like a cal gal!! Loving the blog, ladies 🙂

      1. Ack! you and Lauren both have this T?! I need this T too!!! although might have to wait until I am not in my eighth month of pregnancy to order one…… 🙂

        1. Before you pop Charlotte you should do a feature on maternity style…I really struggled to keep up the glam when pregnant with twins (admittedly I was the size of a house!), I did discover some maternity casuals from Asos but party dressing for weddings etc was a challenge!!

  2. I have a massive girl crush on Jules!

    I love that she wears flats and always wears a healthy dose of H&M and Zara, not to mention the fact she looks like a young Jenny Lopez.

    Nicola – I have the same tee. Let’s be common as muck together 🙂 x

  3. New girl crush. How was I not aware of this blogger?!
    I’m eagerly awaiting the days of post baby styling it up! (Due any day now). I’m off to Pin like a mad woman now, dreaming of floaty t’s that won’t look like tents hiding smuggled immigrants.

  4. Charlotte how is it 8 months?! Time has flown.

    Agree, although I am not expecting I would love to see you guys add your magic touch to maternity style. 🙂

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