Today Mossy officially turned 40.

To celebrate this milestone she posed for Playboy magazine. Apparently a lot of folk were surprised by this turn of events. I’m unsure exactly why to be honest, that’s what I expect from her – the unexpected.

Kate is one of my favourite supermodels. A bone fide rock chick. A fashion chameleon. A maker and breaker of trends. She wears bed hair and smudged kohl like no-one else.

She’s everywhere yet no-where at the same time, who really knows anything about Kate Moss?

My first memories are the Calvin Klein Obsession perfume advertising campaign, all black and white elusiveness and crashing waves. The scent was overpowering and heady, I tried and failed to pull it off. I thought it might make me as cool as Kate. It didn’t. I ended up wearing Escape throughout my last years of school and sixth form. I figured at least it was the same brand.

I have yet to see her in a garment that I don’t covet, I don’t think there is anyone who can work a skinny jean and pirate boot with such effortlessness.

I remember when she dated Jonny Depp. They looked like siblings, all high cheekbones and nicotine stained fingers. I was sad when the relationship ended, how could two such aesthetically perfect people not be in love for ever?

When news broke of her first collection for Topshop, my sister and I got up in the small hours to make sure we were online, ready to purchase the pieces we had seen in the preview.

I still have a dirty lilac floral print maxi. My sister still has that one-shoulder yellow summer dress. I think they now sell on ebay for like hundreds of pounds.

I often see new semi-famous faces in the media touted as “The next Kate Moss”. I think they should stop the record. There will never be another Kate Moss.

I often wonder if I could work a red Rimmel lipstick. I want to get the London look.

I love you Kate.