Maternity Wedding Outfits

Author: Lottie Manns

I struggle to find an outfit for weddings at the best of times but when I was pregnant it was nigh on impossible. I attended a number of weddings with bump but could never find anything I liked. I was even that annoying bridesmaid that was six months pregnant by the time the wedding came around and had to have an emergency dress change to fit in!

You want to look super lovely all whilst realising those gorgeous dresses you covet just don’t quite look right on your bump or are awkward if you are breastfeeding. If like me you have a host of wedding invites waiting for you then hopefully I can help with my pick of my favourite special occassion maternity outfits.


The team rave about the Topshop maternity collection for on trend styles. This gorgeous wrap dress is a particular favourite of mine. The pretty ice blue colour coupled with the tailored look is definitely going to be one you love wearing. The tie side means you can adjust it as bump grows too.

As a cover up I rather love this Herringbone blazer which is cut to fit your growing bump and would look equally good with a pretty dress or a pair of jeans meaning you would get loads of wear out of it.


You can count on ASOS for an amazing array of choice. In fact there is probably too much! And their dress selection is definitely one the team would be raiding. Everything from pencil to pleated, classic to bold prints. We’ve picked a few of our favourites but do take a peek if you are looking for something different.

I adore this pretty nude floral detail midi dress. In fact if they did it in non maternity I would probably be snapping it up!

I do love a bit of navy and this simple scallop edge dress for £28 is really lovely. It is on the more casual side but with the right accessories I think it would look lovely. Plus you could happily wear it with sandals for the summer or ballet pumps for work and it doubles as a nursing dress after birth.

You can’t go wrong with a bit of glitz! This sequinned wrap dress is a really flattering shape and length and would look great for a more glam affair.

This pretty mint green drop shoulder pencil dress is just the loveliest summery colour. And carrying on the mint theme is this embellished prom dress.

John Lewis

This is a really pretty sleeveless dress from Mamalicious. The blush colour is perfect for a summer wedding and features a bit of glitz on the shoulders. The empire style and pleated skirt will be super flattering on your bump.

Seraphine are a great brand for wedding guest outfits. This floral dress is more pricey than some but I’m sure you can justify it somehow!

If you prefer a skirt and top combo this Seraphine pleated monochrome skirt would look lovely with a pretty blouse or could look lovely with just a plain white T-shirt and a nice necklace.


The rich colour of this pleated skirt dress with it’s pretty sparkly jewels make it perfect for an elegant wedding. The little sleeves and layered top are a great shape too.

This swing dress has sheer detailing at the top and is a nice loose shape to give lots of room for a growing bump. It comes in mint or coral too.

Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer was one of my go to’s for maternity clothing. Off topic but their jeans were great!

If you prefer a long dress then this orange maxi is a great choice for summer wedding’s. Plus it doubles as a nursing dress so you can wear it though the summer months or pop a chunky cardi over once it get’s cooler.


It is definitely worth checking out Mothercare for maternity clothing. They have some lovely pieces and I think the prices are really reasonable. Online they seem to have a ridiculous selection with lots of brands like Mamalicious too.

This petrol blue lace number is rather swish. It’s tightly fitted but I like that with a bump. The longer sleeve means you don’t necessarily need a cover up either.

I love a classic navy lace dress and I think this would see you through a number of occasions without feeling repetitive. You can add different necklaces or pretty cardigans to change the look around if needed.

How about going for something a little bit different and opting for a jumpsuit. This is also great as a nursing outfit. Style it up with statement jewellery and a cute blazer and I think this would be a great wedding look. Just make sure you can easily get to the toilet!!

Have you got any weddings planned and if so have you found any amazing outfits you can share? And whilst we are discussing wedding outfits there are our top bridesmaid picks over on Rock My Wedding and we are debating whether it is acceptable to wear white to a wedding and other such outfit myths over on Rock My Style today so head over and let us know your thoughts.

Author: Lottie Manns
Cake baker (and cake eater!) extraordinaire. Drawn to all things girly and glittery.
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17 thoughts on “Maternity Wedding Outfits

  1. This is a very timely post – thank you! I ordered this maxi dress from ASOS last week and have just had a text to say it will be delivered today….

    It is for my sister in law’s glam city wedding in July when I will be 37 weeks pregnant (and therefore huge!). Fingers crossed it’s a winner but if not I will definitely be checking out some of the options above, I love the Mamalicious dress. Also if anyone is thinking of buying ASOS there is a 20% off code in April’s Elle magazine! xx

  2. Such a great post, I have lots of weddings and he do’s coming up, plus I am a wedding planner myself so have to look smart on those dates as well. I’m due in August – right in the middle of wedding season! I did a huge ASOS shop last week and bought the scalloped dress in the post (in navy and in pink) – thinking these will be great post-baby too as they are nursing, and about 5 more dresses that I think will see me through the season. Really rate ASOS, just bought my normal size in everything and all fitted really well on arms,neckline etc. , with room to grow at the bump. Happy shopping ladies!xx

    1. I love the scallop dress, probably one of my favourites and it’s great as it can be used for nursing. Must be so tough having to constantly look smart at other people’s weddings but hopefully the dresses will still work afterwards as you say and I think a lot can be dressed down as well with flip flops so you get multiple use out of them! x

  3. I I had a baby eight weeks ago, have three weddings this summer and am struggling to find outfits that are flattering on the mum-tum and accessible for breast-feeding?

    Any plans to do a similar feature for breastfeeding mums in the future? (She begs!)

    1. Hi Tabitha. Quite a few of these dresses are suitable for breastfeeding as they have discreet panels or lift up tops so are specifically designed for both pregnancy and nursing. I struggled so much at weddings when breastfeeding so normally opted for a dress with buttons! x

  4. Great to see a nursing dress on there I’ve got a wedding when my baby will be 2-4 weeks old and need something to feed in plus disguise the post natal jelly belly! At least if I’m in any photos I can just hold the baby in front of me and my tummy will be hidden!

    1. Kathryn, I used exactly that trick at my father in laws wedding when Alice was a few months old! Every photo she is in front of me although it didn’t hide my chubby face. Oh well! x

  5. I would also love a post on general clothes for breastfeeding mums! I’m due in a couple of weeks and not sure how to tackle the imminent wardrobe problem! X

    1. It’s on the list Lucy. Such a difficult one to still look stylish but there are some great options around. We’ll get on the case. In the meantime I’d recommend a few nice shirts which you can wear with a nursing vest underneath. That way you will still feel covered when feeding. There are also some great nursing style t-shirts around but I found I wore a lot of scarves too! x

    2. If it helps those asking, a few months into feeding i realised that actually normal clothes are more flattering than nursing tops and dresses and gave up on maternity wear (often things are ruched to show off bump so accentuate mum tum in the worst way)! Just wear vests under that can be pulled down and whatever’s on top can be pulled up. Or just whack the boob out, it’s your right ?

  6. Also facing a lot of weddings this summer with baby in tow.

    I’ve already given a lot of thought to what I’ll be wearing as a hopefully breastfeeding mum, as so many of the dresses I could find when I was first looking that were suitable for nursing all seemed just a bit too casual for a wedding to me. It’s great to see from this post (and a quick scoot around some of the recommended websites) that there are actually many more options out there, now that wedding season is coming round.

    I’ve decided that separates are going to be my friend for the first couple of weddings I’m going to, so I’m on the look out for a really simple top/blouse that’ll hopefully hide the nursing bra to wear with whichever of my loveliest skirts I can get into. I’m also thinking a spare top in the changing bag might not be a bad idea!

    1. Genius idea on the spare top! I wish I had thought of that. I always carried spare clothes for baby but not for me. John Lewis had a couple of cute blouses in their maternity section but most other places seemed to be more casual t-shirts. Mamalicious do some pretty blouses which you can get at ASOS. Good luck x

  7. This is a lovely selection Lottie, ASOS really is amazing for maternity and nursing stuff.
    I had to breastfeed Elle at my cousins wedding and I’d googled ideas for breastfeeding suitable dresses and found something that said a dress with a side zip is great because you can get easy boob access – I didn’t really think it through properly though and ended up only being able to feed Elle easily from one side! Oppps.

  8. My brother’s wedding is in May and although I won’t have the nursing issue as I will have stopped breast feeding by then [sad sigh], I am in a quandary as to what to wear to run around after my nearly 1 year old and also that will hide my newly acquired mum-tum. Everything I’ve tried on so far makes me look and feel like a total frump. Any suggestion would be gratefully received!

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