I’ve only recently started gathering nursery inspiration as it seemed too much like I was tempting fate pinning anything too early on in the pregnancy. I’ll share a few images that have inspired me but the main purpose of this post is to talk practicalities. I would love to get advice from parents who have amazing tips on how to lay out their baby’s room to create a well-functioning space.

A Bit Of Decor Inspiration

I know the little one will be in with us at the beginning but we still expect to use the nursery for changing and storage.

We’ll be using the bedroom at the front of the house as the baby’s room. It’s currently a very calm guest bedroom and other than a quick lick of paint there isn’t too much to do on the decor front. The room in question has two alcoves, the one on the right being a quirky shape. There’s a very sweet reclaimed fireplace, plus sloping ceilings with beams which architecturally make it my favourite room in the house.

Current Space

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the number one priority is practicality. My other concern is the #firstworldproblem of the size of the room. I’ve had a look at the particulars from our house and the dimensions of this room are a sizeable 13’5 x 11’9 which is actually bigger than the master. I don’t want the furniture to feel pushed back against the walls with a gaping hole in the centre. While I realise this will make a lovely play place in the future I’d like to use the space wisely and efficiently.

Initial Thoughts On Practicalities

From what I’ve read so far, I’ve been advised to have separate areas for changing, playing and sleeping routines.


As you walk through the door, I’m thinking of having a chest of drawers with changing mat on top. (This would be to the right of where you can currently see the velvet love tub poking into the shot). Said drawers will have all the nappies, wipes and the like in the top drawer and space for all the teeny, tiny clothes in the others. A friend advised me to keep all clothes in one place around the changing area so I’m considering adding a hanging rail or two to the right-hand alcove. Then there will be a laundry hamper and a bin in this space too with shelving above the chest of drawers.

Sleeping and Feeding

I’m considering putting the cot where the bed is currently, with the head of the cot up against the wall. I obviously need to replace the slatted blind to something that blocks out more light. I’m hoping to be able to position a chair next to the cot too in close reach of a plug point for all that necessary nighttime scrolling! Another friend told me to put a table here too with anything that needs to stay within arms distance when feeding.


With the other spaces dedicated to changing and sleeping I’d like to add a teepee in front of the other alcove. Yes, there’s me banging on about practicalities and then I’m going on about something that’s not getting used for a year or so. Lisa recommended this little number from Hobbycraft which seems to be really good value. I thought this would be a way to get around the feeling of furniture being pushed against a wall and section of a playing space with toy bins and a play mat. In the alcove in the back maybe I need to add a few more shelves high up the wall for storage and a couple of Ikea picture ledges for displaying books.

Am I missing a trick? How much storage do I need and would you suggest having a ‘proper’ wardrobe? Do you think I should position any of the furniture differently and are there any design mistakes you made when you put together a nursery in your house? Any recommendations on a comfy chair would be absolutely super!