Gone But Not Forgotten

Author: Miranda Eason

The main reason I bought my first bottle of Miss Dior Chérie was the dreamy Sofia Coppola-directed Paris-set advertisement.

In the advert model Maryna Linchuk cycles around the city, eats cake, tries on sunglasses (incidentally my favourite way to kill time in a department store), plays on a swing, kisses a cute guy and, finally, floats above the streets of Paris clutching a huge bunch of pastel-coloured balloons. Sold!

Luckily I adored the fragrance as much as the advert. I’m not one for heavy perfumes that enter a room before you do and linger around long after you’ve left, and this light, pretty, fun, feminine-floral fragrance became my signature scent. The list of ingredients, which included strawberries, butter popcorn and caramel, sounded as tasty as it smelt good. And the bottle, with its decorative bow, looked pretty on the mantelpiece in my bedroom.

Nearing the end of a bottle just before Christmas one year, I put it on my Christmas list and, through miscommunication (or possibly a lack of communication, I’m not sure which), I received three bottles, one from my Mum and one each from my two sisters. All I can say is thank goodness for that gifting mishap. Not long after, the powers that be at Dior, in their wisdom, discontinued Miss Dior Chérie, bringing out a new version I don’t like nearly so much. I know, quelle horreur! Through careful management I still have the best part of one bottle left. I spritz it on for special occasions and consequently it’s forever linked with some of my best memories. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it’s finally finished.

And that’s the point of this post. As something of a creature of habit when it comes to beauty products I get rather attached to my favourites. There’s a long list of fragrances, lip colours, nail varnishes, even beauty brands, that I have loved and lost. I’m sure there’s a list of beauty goodies you miss too. Which products do you still think of wistfully and wish the beauty bosses would bring back? Do share. We could start the campaign here…

Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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36 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Oh gosh, tell me about it! This is my signature fragrance as well and I’m strictly rationing the half inch that’s left at the bottom of the bottle! I’m getting married in August and am hoping I will find a ‘wedding perfume’ that will fill the void…..

  2. Bobby Brown discontinued the lipstick I wore on my wedding day – it was called Uber Pink (but really wasn’t as pink as it sounds!). It was a just bright enough but still very wearable pink shade. Is has now been replaced by ‘New Uber Pink’ which is just not the same. Why did they do this?!

    1. It’s so annoying isn’t it? I wish they’d give you some warning, so you could buy a load to keep you going while you look for a replacement…

  3. I don’t remember having smelt Miss Dior Cherie but popcorn and strawberries make it sound like a winner for me and now it’s too late.
    I had exactly the same problem with Stella McCartney Nude, except I didn’t know it was discontinued until I went to buy another bottle. Numerous internet searches later and I managed to get 2 bottles (I still search, every link) and am stringing those out for as long as possible.
    Buy as much as you can now!!!

  4. This kind of thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. Probably because once I find something I love, that’s it. Versace Yellow Jeans (the fragrance, not the garment – that’d be grim) being a case in point. Naff packaging/branding, but HEAVENLY fragrance. One that I have resigned myself to never being able to smell again.

    Foundations are another nightmare. I understand beauty brands need to update their formulations, but they don’t know what they’re doing to us with their brutal discontinuation of lines. Max Factor have just discontinued my all-time favourite eyeshadow, one which has no equal, #129 Angel Eyes. I am frantically stockpiling. GAH!

  5. Its not really a gonner but may as well be… why have Molton Brown changed all their packaging and and names? Gone are the lovely sounding names – Blissful Templetree and now totally just plain Temple Tree, formerly Naran Ji now Orange and Bergamot. I hope they’ve not changed the smells. So disappointing.

  6. I too love this fragrance, and am pretty gutted that they ever changed it. When it happened I was firmly reassured by a perfume shop sales assistant that Miss Dior Cherie was being renamed ‘Miss Dior’ (with only a ‘subtle’ formulation change) and that Miss Dior would then be known as ‘Miss Dior Originale’. Confusing, and just, well…WHY?!

  7. The YSL perfume Baby Doll used to be my signature, ‘go to’ perfume of choice but that too, is now either discontinued or VERY difficult to track down. Why does this always happen when you find a product you love?!

  8. Ooh, popcorn and strawberries! Sounds devine. I am still in mourning for Benefit’s Georgia blusher. It was so lovely. Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?! Does anyone know of anything similar?

  9. This explains so much! This was my favourite perfume and when I got my last bottle I thought it smelt a bit funny and started getting concerned that perhaps I’d left it somewhere too warm/sunny or something whilst I finished the last bottle. I now realise that it is because it isn’t the same perfume! I have already bought another bottle of the ‘new’ version so guess I will just have to wear it out for now. Gutted! x

    1. All the name changes were so confusing. Planning to eke out my final bottle for as long as possible!

  10. Ok – this is not cosmetics but I found out this lunch time that New Look are now only stocking jeans in length 32 inches and over! What about people (like me!) who have a 30 inch leg?! And why no warning or I would have stocked up on my favorite bargain jeans! WAAAA

    1. Last year I bought a quite frankly, amazing, pair of ‘shaper’ jeans from New Look – ones made to fit ladies with smaller waists and womanly hips. They were £15 and fitted like a glove. Now I find they have discontinued the range and have had to go for the Levi’s version instead which is considerably more expensive! Cannot believe New Look have discontinued the 30 inch leg. This is a step too far! Especially when lots of people favour an ankle grazer these days.

    2. That’s SO annoying. I too am a 30 inch leg. The inevitable cost of getting them shortened is like a tax on being short. So unfair!

  11. I loved FCUK’s polished sugar scrub – you could get it from Boots at around £5-6 for a large tub. It lasted for ages, it left skin so smooth and smelled delicious. I bought it for friends and subsequently they became hooked and then…. GONE …. nothing! Gutted.

    1. Wow, what an amazing price for a long-lasting hard-working scrub, I’m not surprised you’re gutted it’s gone.

  12. I LOVE this post! Although I feel my comment might be LONG…

    Almay – the entire brand, now only in America, WHY?! Also Cover Girl – they had a great concealer. And Magaret Astor, they had the BEST mascara which they discontinued, and now the brand is only available in Spain….

    Origins did this amazing sensitive skin eye cream with mushrooms in it, discontinued. MAC “Flavour” lipstick, the perfect pink/coral, discontinued years ago, have never found a decent dupe. Boo Hiss MAC.

    In fact MAC “limited edition” in general, if a product is so popular why not make it permanent?

    Estee Lauder Pure Velvet mascara – AMAZING. Discontinued.

    I also find that formulations DEFINITELY change without anyone mentioning it. Is it me or have MAC eyeshadows become more chalky of late?

  13. Topshop original Baxter jeans. Less skinny than the current version. Boots original version of the bergamot body cream, which I loved but hated when they changed the formula. And. Kenzo did a perfume called Summer, which came in a yellow leaf shaped bottle and smelled of grass and suncream. I ADORED it. But they don’t make it any more. L’Ete doesn’t smell quite the same and though you can order it from dodgy Amazon sellers I have never dared. I miss it though.

  14. This feature tugs at the heart strings, I’ve long searched online for a Gucci perfume my mum used to wear in my childhood, I just know it would bring back fond memories of setting off on long car journeys to somewhere exciting, with that smell being overwhelming in the car, but a comforting Mummy smell at the same. Nothing like a scent to evoke a distant memory. I am just about to purchase a gift set of my Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose wedding perfume, which comes with a mini travel bottle, specifically for keeps sake. No doubt the fragrance won’t exist in a few years, but the memories still do! Cling on to those and discover the new treats out there, let’s be brave! (if a bit emotional, nostalgic and sentimental!).

    1. Lizzie? Is that you?! If so you’re making me feel very nostalgic too. I have many memories of being ferried around in your Mum’s car on so many swimming trips. Hope you’re well my lovely x

      1. It is me! Due 2nd November, just absolutely loving the site at the moment, it cheers me up every day, just about to take a look at the sensitive souls feature now, my skin’s a bit mardy now I’m preggo so perfect! Keep up the good inspiring work. Ahhh swimming days 😀 xxx

  15. Perfume can be a strong reminder of things and people of the past, it is painful sometimes and at other times very pleasurable. I am lucky – for now – since I wear Miss Dior in the summer and…so far so good, it is still around… I wonder if my kids will remember me by my perfume? What do you think?

  16. It’s like a break up where you never get closure. Here I am, sitting 1/3 of the way through 2017, and pining for my lost signature fragrance… 6 years later. Le sigh.

    They have to realize how loved that perfume was. I still cross my fingers, in the most childish way, wishing that they’ll de use to re-release it.

    1. I so sympathise
      . My Miss Dior was bought in 2001 and it was a lovely chypre with green notes.. The new version is nice but not so good

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