I have a rather manogamous relationship with perfume. Once I find a scent I love I am faithful to it for some years. My current favourite, Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has A Gun, has been my go-to since my wedding day over 5 years ago.

It’s my husband’s favourite ever smell. He says it reminds him of honeymoon which in turn reminds us of sunshine, cocktails, sunsets over cobbled streets and a whole host of other romantic memories. I can’t imagine myself ever not owning a bottle, the heady mix of Bulgarian rose and patchouli has become “my” scent.

But it does have very summer season connotations, and for the last few years I have flirted with various alternatives in the vain hope something would suit my requirement for a slightly spicy, woody and altogether more wintery fragrance. The closest I have come up until recently was Hermès for men, it’s as sexy as hell. And almost became the “other” one, until my sister’s now ex-boyfriend started wearing it. And apparently my husband’s Managing Director. Me potentially wafting around smelling like either would have been plain weird.

I had almost given up hope until September when James and I took our mini-break to the Dordogne. On a whim I decided to browse Manchester airport’s rather impressive Jo Malone/Bobbi Brown concession (At first I thought this was a rather odd combination but I’m pretty sure Estée Lauder own both brands so the combined association was throughly researched and promoted accordingly*). I’ve mentioned the various make-up items I purchased already but I failed to share with you what is perhaps one of my most impressive beauty finds in a while. And that’s because I wanted to make sure this relatively new partnership was nearer soul mate status than merely a passing fling.

I have never dabbled with Jo Malone perfumes. They are perfectly pleasant, It’s just I’ve not experienced the “wow” factor. Apologies in advance to those who worship at the ground of English Pear and Freesia et al (I have the candle, it’s very lovely, I just prefer it lingering in the living room rather than directly on my skin.)

And then there was Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne. It smells like the best parts of Autumn, windswept beaches, winter festivities, adventure and endless possibilities all at once. I’ve never experienced a scent that is both so sparklingly fresh yet so raw and earthy all at the same time. I don’t know who were the “noses” behind it but they are ruddy geniuses.

I am 99% positive Lady Vengeance has just met some firm competition. And I don’t know why but I can’t help but feel more than a little guilty about my latest spritz obsession. It feels as though I am being unfaithful.

Do you have an absolute “favourite” fragrance? Do you have different scents depending on the season? Or perhaps your mood? Do you wear any Jo Malone? Do you think that in general men’s aftershaves are more often than not far superior to women’s perfumes? (I do)

You can purchase Wood Sage & Sea Salt at John Lewis.

*Well I had all of 5 minutes to spare and came away with 4 items. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.