Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser
DIY tutorial to make your own homemade reed diffuser
you will need
you will need
DIY tutorial to make your own homemade reed diffuser
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DIY | Reed Diffuser

Author: Lauren Coleman

This DIY was born from a desire to reuse empty perfume bottles as well as to provide a gorgeous scent to my home. I have had lots of reed diffusers in my house in the past and often find the packaging a bit uninspiring. Instead of throwing away my empty fragrance bottle I thought it would make an ideal container for this project. Removing the lid from a fragrance bottle took a few minutes but just remember to be really gentle during this process and gently ease off the metal with pliers.

{You will need}
  • Empty fragrance bottle
  • Pliers to remove the cap from the bottle
  • Baby oil
  • Fragrance oil
  • Reed sticks
  • Vodka
  • Tutorial

    1. If you’re using a perfume bottle, gently remove the pump spray with pliers. Wash the bottle thoroughly and leave to dry.

    2. When dry pour the baby oil in to the container

    3. Next drop in a tablespoon of essential oil. Let it sit for a minute to see if the scent is strong enough. If not add a few more drops at a time until you reach your desired strength.

    4. Add a dash of vodka as a binder to keep the liquids mixed together

    5. Finally drop in a few reed sticks remembering to flip over every few days to reinvigorate the scent. As I was using a Chanel bottle I hoped the black reeds would add an extra air of sophistication!

    Just like with the DIY candles, there are a multitude of containers you can use to create your own reed diffuser; glass bottles, small vases but avoid anything plastic. Just make sure the opening is fairly small so the scent doesn’t escape too quickly.
    I have read other tutorials where a mineral oil has been used instead of baby oil. I found baby oil absolutely fine for a little at-home DIY. I would suggest that you buy reed sticks rather than bamboo skewers though as they are specially designed to distribute the scent (apparently). Do you let me know if you’re inspired to have a go making your own.

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    13 thoughts on “DIY | Reed Diffuser

    1. You can get reed sticks from eBay super cheaply – I got a big stash for a few pence plus delivery I think!

      1. Hi Jill, after my rather fragrant candles I held back on the amount of scent for this one and admittedly it could do with a few more drops. That reminds me – I should go and add a few more now!

    2. One thing I’ve wondered: how many reeds should you put in? When you buy a reed diffuser are we meant to put in all of the reeds it comes with, or hold some back to change them after a while?

      1. I think it depends on the size of the neck on your container. I could only get three down the perfume bottle!

    3. I have just finished my bottle of Coco Mademoiselle and was sad to through out the bottle, i am definitely going to try this. Any recommendations on where to buy essential/fragrance oil…? Thanks Lauren, this is ace!

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