My {Comfortable} Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Way back when (almost 4 years ago!) I posted a feature all about my maternity wear choices whilst pregnant with my first daughter Mabel.

My selection of garments were limited to say the least, specific maternity fashion didn’t float my boat, flatter my body or fit with my usual style/taste at all. Mostly I attempted to adapt exiting pieces and practically lived in denim shorts with opaque black tights or Topshop “Leigh” skinny jeans.

I am equally as disillusioned with what’s on offer this time around, perhaps I am an inherently odd shape whilst expecting but so many items I have ordered (and believe me folks, there have been many orders, the lady from Hermes delivery and I are practically friends) made me look considerably frumpy and/or just didn’t feel very…..nice.

Unfortunately from 20 weeks onwards I have suffered with quite spectacular water retention in my lower legs. If I spend a lot of time on my feet by 3pm my calves are almost the same width as my thighs. It’s quite a sight. And not one I want to inflict on others in a pair of the aforementioned skinny jeans or a short dress.

I allowed myself one night of “WTF am I going to wear for the next 5 months” despair/crisis of confidence and decided to make a few wise investment purchases that I would rotate. My wardrobe may be fairly predictable, but at least it’s comfortable, practical and I can choose what to wear in 5 seconds flat.

If like me, your legs have gone from lithe to resembling a pair a ham hocks, then a kick flare or a boot leg is your new BFF. I blew the budget (ALL OF IT) on a pair of Paige Manhattan Maternity Boot Jeans from I’d researched (extensively) online and they had super reviews – I figured if they didn’t seem worth the spend then I would just send them back.

They were. They are.

I would sleep in them if I could.

I also figure I can sell them on once I have finished with them as they are in good condition and I am definitely not planning on baby number three.

Lucky for you Topshop have recently released the Jamie Flared jean which are a much more reasonable £42.

I bought three tops from H&M, the lace sleeved one that you can see in the header image is actually lovely for the price – it’s my “going out” go-to. H&M MAMA Jersey tops wash really well considering they are £8.99 each, I have a couple in black (my bump colour of choice) but they do all sorts of colours, prints and stripes if that’s more your cup of tea.

I prefer a sleek silhouette to loose fitting shapes and frills and find a tailored jacket or long fine-knit cardigan creates the illusion of being taller and altogether less wide, particularly as your back expands. I haven’t bought anything new – I’m utilising a Kooples jacket I haven’t really worn for a few years that I bought in the sales (I figure if I stretch it a bit there’s no harm done – it wasn’t a favourite and has been gathering dust for ages) and my faithful Topshop jersey jacket (find similar here) is working out to be about 2p per wear. Buy one. I promise you won’t regret it.

My cardigan is from Oasis but they no longer seem to have any in stock, this one from Fashion Union at ASOS is similar and a reasonable £28.

Last but not least we need to talk about underwear. I have gone from a 32 C/D to a 34D. Every bra seemingly crushed my ribs and the cups just didn’t offer enough support or coverage. I actually went into store – House of Fraser in Cirencester to be precise, and had a good old trying on session of what appeared to be bras that would fit properly whilst not appearing matronly or creating a weird shape. I bought two of the Calvin Klein seductive comfort design – yes I favour underwiring even when pregnant, and yes they have been well worth the investment. In fact I would also highly recommend Calvin Klein bikini briefs, although once you try them you may never want to buy any other knickers ever again.

You have been warned.

During the day when I’m working from home I basically live in my Sweaty Betty dance pants – these Yoga Capris are similar and Nike Internationalist trainers. For meetings, weekend trips or evenings I wear my fancy jeans, one of my H&M tops and a jacket and or/ a longline cardigan. If I’m not going to be on my feet all day then I’ll brave a pair of shorts with tights and pair them with yes you guessed it, a stretchy H&M jersey number.

I store all of my maternity pieces in the guest bedroom on an open rail so I can easily see everything at a glance and I don’t have to gaze longingly at the rest of my lovely lonely closet contents.

I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward wearing a variety of outfits soon but for now, I feel I’ve spent my pennies wisely where it matters and as a result I might just treat myself to some leather trousers once I feel my body is ready post pregnancy.

What have been your maternity staples? For those of you still considering what to purchase then I would highly recommend simply sizing up on pieces you would normally wear anyway and looking in your wardrobe for bits and bobs that may not be an absolute favourite – but that you feel reflect your personal style.

Comfort and confidence is key, as is having more time in the morning to put on a new lipstick and accessorise with a gorgeous bag because you’re not stressing over what to wear.

Oh yes, I may have bought a few new lipsticks. And bags. That’s not technically cheating on a maternity capsule though is it?

P.S The header image is by Lisa at Little Beanies, she will tailor bump shoots to suit your requirements (mine – not too twee or pose-y) and will make you feel really at ease in front of the camera.

  • Nike Internationalist Trainers
  • Asos Cardigan
  • Topshop Jersey Jacket
  • Topshop Trousers
  • H&M Lacey Top
  • Topshop Leigh Jeans
  • Paige Maternity Jean
  • Topshop Jamie Jean
  • Calvin Klein Bra

Photography by Lisa at Little Beanies

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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55 thoughts on “My {Comfortable} Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

  1. You look lovely with a bump Charlotte and still manage to put together cool outfits! I think I managed it better with my first pregnancy but with the second I got a lot bigger and basically lived in H&M maternity leggings and just upsized on long baggy tops. I felt very un-stylish. I recommend these vests from Next maternity range though, I had a few in black and found them a good staple to go under anything!

    1. Super recommendation Sarah, I love NEXT for quality kids clothes. I haven’t been able to find leggings that don’t go baggy around the bum (!) or irritate my under-the-bump area (the over the bump ones don’t stay up). I actually don’t think leggings are unstylish as long as they fit ok – I love my non maternity ones for pilates so much so I’ll wear them in the daytime xx

  2. I’ve really struggled to find maternity clothes actually IN shops. I live near a huge shopping centre and spent last night waddling (not running) about trying to find a black maternity dress – unfortunately have a funeral today and the dresses I ordered haven’t turned up (cue tears and tantrums)

    I struggled so much, sizing up just ain’t cutting it for me now it looks like I’ve swallowed a melon! This is my first baby so I’ve not needed or noticed where to buy maternity clothes before now, but I’ve really noticed how large stores just don’t cater for the preggos, everything’s online

    I’m living in H&M mama jeans, over the bump jeans are AMAZING- though a bit of a passion killer my husband ends up in hysterics every time he watches me get dressed. He can’t understand why my trousers/leggings now have to almost reach my bra 😂

    1. Oh no Ellie! I’m so sorry your dresses didn’t turn up – it’s so annoying and upsetting when that happens, especially when they are for a specific event. I wear a bump band every day to help with support so I also have black stretchy material right up to my bra! so sexy! 🙂 x

  3. I started with upsizing a few pieces including my go to jeans (oddly from next not my usual haunt) but from 16 weeks they were so uncomfortable. H&M jean sizing has always been a struggle preggo or not but I’ve a couple pair of their mama jeans but a friend sent me two pairs of ASOS maternity jeans and I’ve found them way better quality and not falling down as much as H&M!
    Due to working in cold indie retail…. I’m still wearing my M&S thermal tops under a selection of H&M mama jumpers, I’ve only 3. I’ve been really disappointed at the lack of style, it’s all super generic clothing for all stores. We live near only small versions of chain clothing stores so choice has been crap, so I’ve picked up bits when I’ve been visiting Glasgow or London. I’ve a wedding in March so dreading finding something!
    You’re wearing your pregnancy beautifully Charlotte, hope last few weeks go well for you!

    1. If you haven’t looked at Topshop recently they actually have some lovely stuff online – I’m a bit gutted they have released it in January and not in October when I really needed some nicer pieces for events. A lot of Mums rate the ASOS skinny jeans for fit, if I didn’t have such chunky calves by the afternoon I would have definitely given them whirl x

  4. Similarly to previous posts I’ve been upsizing on clothes. I tend to live in h&m maternity leggings or even just upsized Primark leggings. My favourite top is a polka dot one from h&m. I’ve also found a few mat tops from new look. Primark cardigans have been good…and ….my husband’s jumper/shirt!
    I’m now at 34wks and thinking more about clothes for after birth and what to wear that will give me comfort, easy access for breastfeeding and to make me feel somewhat human….Ive tried some nursing tops on but they just seem to exaggerate the bump which is not perhaps what I want postnataly. Any suggestions???? I’d love to read a post on this.
    You’re looking lovely Charlotte!

    1. Becky I am also going to do a post-pregnancy piece soon! I’ve already been stocking up as I remember last time it was a fairly upsetting experience, your body is changing so much and can feel quite alien, the last think you want to do is exaggerate areas that make you feel self conscious, yet it seems as you say that many nursing top designs do exactly that! x

      1. I NEED thoughts on post maternity clothes! I sit here, 10 days after having my daughter, with no idea what to wear. Whilst having achieved an amazing thing, my body is so different to before; the slowly deflating bump! The huge boobs! The frequent releasing of aforementioned boobs for feeding! Shirts and PJ bottoms are my friends so far but I’m looking forward to feeling a bit more like me again and clothes are definitely part of that. Best of luck for the remainder of your pregnancy Charlotte; wishing you all the best for a safe and healthy arrival.

        1. Thanks TL, I remember that time well. I lived in high waisted leggings from topshop and Boohoo jumpers (off the shoulder, I could pull them right down and wore a vest underneath for feeding) – they were baggy but in a skim-your-hips way so didn’t feel/look like a tent.

          Like this one – ALL the colours for £10


    2. Breastfeeding … wear a stretchy vest top you can pull down over a boob and a normal top with a bit of stretch (a long sleeved Breton my staple!) that you can pull up … no midrif or ‘upper boob’ flashing and easy to pop a boob out 😊
      I never got on with nursing tops per se as I found you have a tiny slit in which to squeeze your engorged leaky melons out of 😬😂 and it just did not work for me! Good luck!

  5. Hi Charlotte, you look gorgeous!

    Hope you don’t mind me hijacking this thread but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for pre-bump bottoms? We’re considering another IVF cycle and last time I was so bloated from the drugs I couldn’t fit in any of my jeans, skirts or trousers during treatment and for a month afterwards. On the forums I read lots of people comment that they look at 6-8 weeks pregnant during this time (even if they’re sadly not) so if anyone has any advice on what they wore in the early stages of pregnancy I would be very pleased to read. Thank you Jx

    1. Hi Jane! I just replied to Becky above to say I’m going to do a post pregnancy piece soon, I actually found post pregnancy clothes work for both that first stage of pregnancy (8 weeks to 16 depending on when you start to show) so they would also work for the bloating you mention. I do love a swing style dress with black tights – so flattering. Also Boohoo do some cheap off-the-shoulder jumpers that are not at all clingy but still look stylish x

    2. hey Jane,

      I just donned a maternity jean to be honest and leggings. Anything with an elastic waist! I have jeans from HM that don’t go over the bump but are elsaticated for maternity- they ever so slightly rise over the waist.

      Good luck with the ivf lovely

      Naomi x

  6. Thanks for the feature Charlotte. I actually referred back to your previous one for this pregnancy.

    I find it oh so hard like you- I’m not a baggy clothing fan and as a result all my clothes are already tight so over a bump it gets to the point where they ride up!

    I found it hard this time and I never had a ‘large’ bump. This time round I’m pregnanct with twins. So now at 21 weeks and already as big as I was at 35 with a singleton- let’s just say I’ve got serious clothing concerns…

    I’m desperate for these dungarees from behind nine. Pre, during and post pregnancy with amazing reviews. I just need to scramble together the money after all the ivf 🙂

    Also I bought a jumper from Stalf Studio. She also designs clothes for those who are and aren’t pregnant- amazing reviews for her pieces taking you right through:

    Naomi xx

    1. I didn’t try a dungaree Naomi but I’ve seen them look great on others, I think I would still have the weird swollen leg issue – unless I could find flared ones!. That one pair of spendy jeans was defintiely worth it for me but I do wince every time I think about the price tag, I’ve never spent that much on jeans ever, let alone a pair I will wear for less than a year. Loving the photography and styling on the Stalf website x

  7. It is good to know that you have struggled, Charlotte, as I always look at your gorgeous pics (pre and post pregnancy) and feel like barrel!

    I have tried hard to eat sensibly during this, my first pregnancy, but feel like I have failed at every juncture. Apparently this baby will be made of carbs, carbs and carbs.

    As such, not only am I coming to terms with just a general pregnancy body (bent over in the bathroom this morning and caught sight of my boobs…wow) but also probably just some general weight gain. None of which, like you say, make me feel very ‘nice’.

    I have been living in Mint Velvet leggings and big jumpers but am already fearing what is going to happen to me when the nice weather kicks in (I am due in June)! Everyone keeps telling me ASOS maternity is amazing but I have not found it to be so…

    Also, I wish more shops would make LONG tops. You know, ones that cover the v-jay jay! I had to have to out AGAIN at the hospital yesterday and would just like it covered on a day to day basis.

    Finally, I feel your pain with all the returns. I have bought so many things that have been returned that my husband let me his credit card as my bank balance was just going haywire with all the ins and outs. So I bought some stuff on his and then obviously returned it. He was horrified to discover you don’t get your postage back!!!

    1. Pamela the H&M jersey tops are the best for long-ness, they are tight but when your bump is a “bump” I think this is more flattering than floaty. Of course it’s personal taste. My boobs are ridiculous this time around, they were definitely more manageable in my first pregnancy. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have an ample chest and now I can’r wait for them to disappear! x

  8. I came to hate my maternity clothes with a passion towards the end of pregnancy, and agree with the super generic comments above – there was a definite sense both whilst pregnant and when breastfeeding afterwards that our NCT class were all shopping in the same places, and buying the same things!

    I tried out some of the fancier maternity clothes places, that suggested they would also be wearable post pregnancy, and just didn’t get on with their sizing – so I stuck to H&M MAMA jeans, and had some of their nursing tops too, which I gave up on pretty quickly. I’ve since donated some of these things to friends, and saved a few for ‘just in case.’ I also had a few nice basic tops and a jumper from Red Herring. Otherwise I was wearing a lot of loose fitting shirts and jumpers that I already had, and am still wearing now.

    Finally, I swear by the hairband trick, which allowed me to wear my favourite fitted jacket, and kept me feeling like myself! Above all, I was glad that I only had to contend with a winter bump, as I’m not sure how I’d have managed dressing for the summer.

    1. Rebecca I hear you, both my babies have been due in March so I have found winter bump dressing ok, I’ll have a few post-pregnancy months with jumpers/tights too thank goodness. What is this hairband trick you speak of?! x

        1. Ah yes I remember now, this method doesn’t work for me with jeans – it rubs and feels uncomfortable, plus I would be worried the band would snap. I love a stretchy waistband instead x

  9. Maternity offerings do seem to be pretty rubbish but I can remember my boyfriend’s nan looking amazed by mine and telling me that they just had to wear smocks 😱
    With my first, I managed to wear normal clothes for the first six months. I used those things on my jeans button to expand the waistband for quite a while. Second time was very different; I gained half a stone within two weeks of finding out and I was getting married. My wedding dress was so tight it made me cry 😳 I wore nothing at the end but maternity yoga pants/leggings with maternity vests/t-shirts 3 sizes up. I ultimately gained five stone and had a ridiculously big bump. I was smothered in acne all over the top half of my body and stopped caring. What a beauty 😂 Never again! It was upsetting to see such massive changes which were out of my control and I think many women have a period of not knowing who they are and losing their identity a bit once they’ve been through it. I am amazed by women who manage to look stylish during their pregnancies. Before I got to that beastly stage I bought a few nicer things on eBay from brands which were too expensive for me to buy new. That made me feel a bit more like myself.

    Are you still suffering with spd? I had it with my second – luckily wasn’t so bad I needed a wheelchair but the belt added another layer of difficulty to clothing. Everything pulls when you have a Velcro belt around your hips!

    1. Oh Jade, you are amazing sharing your experience, when I whinge about my short comings I read accounts like yours and think…..get a grip Charlotte. I hope you still had a lovely wedding day even with the tight dress and you are feeling more like yourself these days.

      Even my Mum didn’t have any maternity choices – literally just tent dresses! I feel like launching a maternity clothing brand because there is so little out there that genuinely works x

      1. I feel the same knowing that somebody with twins or more would have had it way worse. I don’t know many women that had a simple pregnancy/labour. Women are amazing!

        I still haven’t lost all of the ‘baby weight’ two years down the line… Should probably refer to it with the more accurate name of ‘wine and chocolate weight’ now 😉

        I think more and more brands will start to offer maternity options in the coming years and women will have a lot more choice. There is definitely more available now than when I had my first. And I think there will be more options for breastfeeding tops and clothing to wear after birth. Most of my breastfeeding tops were awful and some left me more exposed than a normal top. I still remember the blushes of one young man in a Chinese restaurant. I thought I was nicely covered but it turned out I’d basically flopped my boob out at him 😄

  10. Im sorry to hijack but I want to leave a comment on the RMF post today only for it to keep saying that ‘comments are closed’. You did say you welcome feedback, including constructive criticism, however closing the comments doesn’t allow for that!

    1. Hi Claire, that’s odd, we only switch them off if we have spam issues. everything looks normal to me. Please do try again if you have time, alternatively and as you clearly feel passionately about it to leave a comment on this post, you can drop me an email at

      I welcome your feedback/constructive criticism

      Best Wishes x

  11. You always love lovely! I have nothing to add to this as I know zero about maternity stuff but I am thinking you’re going to be enabling us nicely with the new lip stick/make up purchases yes???

    It’s been ages and come spring I need a good make up haul! I am desperate for some everyday bits that give a bit of glow, a good lip and a good pop of blush! That’s the dream haha!

    1. Alex your make-up in always on point! Have you tried the Tilbury bronze & glow compact yet? I don’t even like bronzer but this one has really helped my lack lustre/pregnancy dryness look less obvious/grey. I use the highlighter for under my brows/the bridge of my nose for evenings x

      1. You’re too kind! It’s the daily work when I don’t have time for ALLLLL the prep that I just want some quick look glowy and bright in ten mins that I need.
        I def have not tried the Tilbury but I will check it out, my issue with CT is, at my nearest stockist the girls working there are terrible! Really unhelpful, in your face until you ask for a minute, and then just rough really! Not a good representation of the brand I wouldn’t have thought, it put me off shopping there despite liking some of the products! I will make an exception though and check this out next time! I def struggle with bronzer/contour not making me look like I’m about to embark on some tough mudder type sitch! xx

  12. Charlotte, you look great in your pictures! Agreed that maternity wear is just a minefield – at 32 weeks pregnant there is now absolutely no hiding the bump. Agreed that H&M MAMA long tops (the £8.99 ones) are fab as layers and I really like the length of them and how the hug your bump. Jeans on the other hand, I’ve really struggled with and can totes see you justifying the price for the ones you bought. I’m still going with my normal size jeans, a hairband through the button (rather than them being done up as normal) and a bump band. But my recent revelation? MATERNITY TIGHTS. They’re the dream, especially when having to be in office wear every day. M&S online, £6 a pair. Looking forward to post-pregnancy wear, my boobs were already massive, they are now gargantuan and the thought of having to whap them out 3293727832 times a day is starting to get concerning. xx

    1. Sophie up until water retention I loved a tight, I bought my usual FALKE opaque in a size up and just rolled them over the bump/a bump band. I’m hoping they will be a post pregnancy staple. I’m sat here researching the post pregnancy feature as I type 🙂 x

  13. Topshop maternity jeans and some lovely loose fitting jumpers worn over a long H&M basic vest top (my staples post-pregnancy too) and a bump band. Only way I have functioned! Unfortunately I have about 3 outfits to wear, so not exactly varied, but I don’t see the point in wasting a whole load of money on maternity stuff when it isn’t that great anyway… At work I wear Isabella Oliver dresses (same style, 4 colours) with cardigans and tights – I find M&S opaque tights one size up or even normal size are stretchy enough even with an enormous bump. Last time round I just wore my Wolfords or Falkes rolled down but this time my legs are too large for them to be comfortable (oh the joys of pregnancy!!). So uninspired and ready to get back into my normal wardrobe (once all the baby/chocolate weight has disappeared somehow!!).

    1. Annie I agree – I rotate 3 outfits (with a few variations on jacket or cardi) and just look forward to spending when I feel more like “me” again. I wear Falkes over my bump in a size bigger, my Walfords are not comfortable at all, the Falkes somehow seem stretchier but don’t go baggy. Worth the money definitely x

  14. I am also 8 months pregnant and being quite small and petite everything I have ordered (and then returned) is massive regardless of dress size and made me look fat and dumpy! I have been wearing French Connection shirt dresses for work and am living in these knitted joggers from Zara which can be dressed up or down and are the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn! Plus I can wear them when I am no longer smuggling a watermelon in my uterus. Woo hoo!

    1. Jojo I have ordered these because of your recommendation! Thanks so much! As you say I think they will work well for post pregnancy too yay!

      I think we have the same problem – I’m a petite build (and a UK 6-8) maternity doesn’t seem to be available in a 6 and a lot of the size 8’s don’t fit my hips/arms…anything really. Essentially someone needs to do maternity petites I guess. x

  15. I’m also due in March with my second child. I dressed similar to my first pregnancy. I started off with my one loose fitting clothes for a while, then I switched to h&m maternity leggings with ling tops/jersey dresses. And then came the time when I really really missed wearing jeans, so I bought myself a pair of maternity jeans and am so glad to wear jeans&tops and a cardigan again!
    Bra wise I had to leave the underwired ones behind around Xmas as I got a really nasty cut from the chafing!
    I’m not sure I look forward to post-pregnancy clothes. I remember feeling so soft and doughy (?) for months. I’m going to live in shape wear again for a while I believe!

    1. Yes the soft/doughy doom is real Anja, I’m not ready to embrace it either, even less so second time around as I know what to expect.

      Shape wear is the bomb – Spanx do some awesome leggings that I’m looking to invest in x

  16. There is an Irish mummy blogger I watch on YouTube called Lauren and she is about to launch a range of tshirts that have a zip up the side for breastfeeding. I will find the link tonight and post it back here!

  17. I felt pretty hard done by at having to fork out for clothes that I would only wear for such a short period of time – so it was ebay to the rescue! Lots of ladies will sell their old maternity clothes, usually in really good condition as they’ve only work them for a few months!

    It means I’ve been able to try out a range of brands – ASOS and New Look jeans have been my favourites but I struggled with Topshop as they are so low rise that my bum kept popping out (that’s not a typo, I genuinely mean my rear end)! H&M are great for basic tops and good old M&S have some great over the bump pyjamas which are super comfy.

    I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be wearing after though…maybe a good excuse for a wardrobe update! x

    1. Clare I’m going to sell my posh jeans on ebay – may as well, I won’t be needing them and hopefully they will go to a good home and I can treat myself to something nice with the funds x

  18. You always look lovely Charlotte! I lived in Topshop maternity jeans and Cos tops and dresses during my pregnancy – the unstructured shapes worked with a bump until almost the very end while still feeling true to my usual style. I’m finding it much harder to find dresses now that I’m breastfeeding though, although with leggings underneath you can just hoik them up!

    1. Thanks so much Cath, you know I’ve not ventured into COS – good call. I think I avoided dresses whilst breast feeding to be honest, I was all vest under jumper or just in bed in my pyjamas. Have you tried a wrap style? I was wondering if that might be more easily moveable x

  19. Charlotte you look gorgeous in your picture! Although I know only too well that when you’re not comfortable in your preggy bod then it doesn’t matter how many people tell you this! My daughter is now 4 months and I really really struggled to enjoy my pregnancy, I just couldn’t deal with what it was doing to my body and found clothes shopping awful, nothing in maternity sections was my style and I grudged paying for things I really didn’t like! I lived in two outfits – a 3/4 length black jersey dress from ASOS or a pair of leather look stretchy leggings from ASOS that you actually recommended a couple of years ago (not maternity!) …comfy and a bit sassy! Dressed them down with H&M or topshop jumpers or up with floaty off the shoulder 3/4 sleeve tops that were everywhere last year. My fav was from river island. These tops were then great for post baby belly and breastfeeding with a strappy top under! Also, topshop long vest tops with a cardi over and a pretty scarf for bump and post belly! Two weeks post baby I went and got myself a new pair of topshop high waisted jeans a size bigger than my usual and they held in alllllll the blubber and made me feel almost normal shaped again – Absolute winners! Hope something in here helps, you’re so close to getting that gorgeous wee bundle now… and also getting your body back! Lots of love and luck x

    1. Carley those jeans sound amazing!!!! I had leggings from Topshop that did a similar thing, I looked fairly “myself”…until I took them off. I’ve actually ordered some leggings from there for the next 5 weeks or so, my normal lounge wear is just too small now so I need more stretch! x

  20. Charlotte you look bloody amazing as always. Post partum would love some help dressing, looking forward to a feature and I mean this constructively but we don’t all look as fab as you do! I dream of fitting into size 6/ 8 clothes so if someone else could maybe also do a piece on the more curvy post partum shape that would be amazing. There is nothing chunky about your calves you look great. Enjoy your last weeks with a bump xx

    1. Ah bless you Rach that’s so kind. And honestly I’m not exaggerating – the other night you couldn’t tell which bit of my leg was my thigh, knee or ankle, it was just one ham. Absolutely on the catering for different sizes and shapes, leave it with me x

  21. Asos was my maternity go to but also check out New Look online (not just for teens- trust me!) they had a huge range and it was super cheap! I only discovered it 3rd (and definitely last!) time round and basically bought my whole mat wardrobe from there!

  22. I really enjoyed the challenge of maternity dressing first time round 2 years ago, but this time I’ve felt much less inspired and at 39 weeks tomorrow this post is unfortunately too late for me😏. I found my bump was much bigger much sooner, I didn’t want to spend money and I needed different types of clothes this time for running around after a toddler. I loved my Topshop Leigh under the bump maternity jeans last time but they just kept falling down this time, I definitely would’ve preferred over the bump this time round, feel much more secure. Very much looking forward to getting back into my normal clothes and would love a postpartum/breastfeeding post to spend my saved Christmas money! 😄👗👠
    Also, what shoes do you wear with the flared jeans? And any recommendations for shorts to wear with tights? Love that look and much more practical than skirts with wee ones! Thanks. Lx

    1. Hi Laura! I wear a Western style ankle boot with shorts and tights and then a plain heeled boot with flared jeans – or strappy sandals in the summer as painted toes look pretty poking out of a flared leg.

      Shorts I wear either a denim pair (H&M have loads) or tailored black ones as they look quite smart x

      1. Hi Charlotte, thanks so much for your reply. Totally missed it as the notification went into my junk folder and my wee boy arrived on 2nd feb so just going through emails now! Good luck when the time comes for your daughter to arrive. Not quite figured out how to manage with a newborn and a 2 year old yet but I’m sure we’ll figure it out! Lx

  23. I have loved La Redoute. Bought a pair of over the bump skinny jeans which are still comfortable at the end of the day (I hated H&M because I went 2 sizes larger than normal and couldn’t get them over my thighs – not the body positivity you need when gaining weight 😤)
    I also bought a pair of floral print trousers from La Redoute for work and I adore them! They are so smart and so soft and comfy, plus – pockets! Teamed with a plain navy t-shirt they have looked and felt fantastic since before I really started to show. Now 31 weeks and mostly living in leggings with comfy knitted dresses (all non-maternity- why do they all make you look like you’re smuggling a tent into the room?!)
    Otherwise I have a couple of Red Herring maternity tops from my first pregnancy and some ASOS comfy (discrete) nursing tops from last time which actually flatter the bump beautifully because of the white panel underneath. Like you I have everything in dark / neutral greys, blacks and navies except a bright pink top for when I’m feeling sunny 😎

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