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Are Bows A Yes Or No?

Author: Lauren Coleman

If I wore a bow in my hair I’d look like Matilda, which let’s face it isn’t really going to be a good look. However there’s no escaping the fact that bows are back big time. This time around they’re very different to the giant velvet bows from the 1980s which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the dressage ring. This gallery of gorgeous photos suggests we’d all be instantly transformed into a gorgeously tousled Bardot-esque beauty just by popping a piece of ribbon around our barnet or loosely tieing a scarf around our locks.

The look is seriously pretty but has it led to any of you lovely ladies sporting a bit of grosgrain in your hair? When I was on the train to London last week I spotted a lady flashing off a thin ribbon and I thought she looked fabulous. Very ooh la la. She did however have excellent ‘wavage’ and a pretty natty dye job too and I’m sure her effortless look had no doubt taken all morning to pull together.

According to Coveteur, the way to get the perfect undone ribboned pony tail requires volume and messy texture. For a full run down then do check out their tutorial.

Anyway as mentioned for us ladies with a boblet I don’t really think the six year old Road Dahl character is the best person to take sartorial advice from. However I do love all these hair barettes and clips I keep seeing. Even if you do need mountains of dry shampoo, texturiser and hair spray to keep them from slipping out of your hair.

There are some accessories that I think need to be kept back in the 1980s. Yes scrunchies I’m looking at you. As much as I used to love the ones my mum knocked up to match my outfit when I was at primary school, and as much as they made me yearn to have my own sewing machine, (my six year old self couldn’t wait to be big enough to touch the pedal and sew my own) they really did something odd to your hair. Oh the kink! The tell-tale bend in your barnet which showed to the world you’d just pulled a piece of elastic adorned in velvet out of your locks. No, scrunchies you can stay well and truly in my past, but I do think I need a clip or two in my life for days when a ‘half-up half-down’ do will only do.
Does anyone remember the Topsy Tail tool? My friend’s Auntie brought her one back from America and I was SO envious. Of a piece of plastic. I think that says it all.

What are your thoughts? Any retro hair accessories that you’re loving? Have any bows been tied in your barnet recently? Is it a yes or a no for the ribbon?

  • Etsy Star Hair Clip
    Etsy Star Hair Clip
  • & Other Stories Open-Frame Hair Clip
    & Other Stories Open-Frame Hair Clip
  • Anthropologie Constellation Bobby Set
    Anthropologie Constellation Bobby Set
  • Mango Hairclip Set
    Mango Hairclip Set
  • Oliver Bonas Metal Bow Hair Clips
    Oliver Bonas Metal Bow Hair Clips
  • Asos Open Shape Grips
    Asos Open Shape Grips
  • Etsy Gold triangle hair clip
    Etsy Gold triangle hair clip
  • Circle Hair Clip
    Etsy Circle Hair Clip
  • Boohoo Star Grips
    Boohoo Diamante Star Hair Grips
  • Accessorize MOTHER OF PEARL Grips
    Accessorize MOTHER OF PEARL Grips

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12 thoughts on “Are Bows A Yes Or No?

  1. I love the ribbon and the clips. Unfortunately, I only just about manage to keep on top of brushing my hair and any kind of styling is beyond me. I’m currently thinking of getting a fringe… but every other time I’ve done that I’ve started growing it out the very same day 😄 I really want it to finish just above my eyebrows, but can’t tell whether it will look too 80s. I might be safe if I stay away from the scrunchies.

    1. I feel like I’ve been growing my fringe out my entire life Jade. I still wish it was still acceptable to push it back in a velvet alice band 😉 Although judging by today’s post they’ll be coming back too.

  2. A yes from me. Sarah Clark from Little Spree often rocks one and manages to pull of that whole effortlessly dishevelled parisienne thing!

  3. I love them I have to say- I bought a velvet one from Oliver Bonas just before Christmas, and I can feel myself itching to add some bow clips to my basket on there too. I don’t know if I look pretty but I feel pretty, haha! I think they can be quite elegant.

  4. Yes love these bows on other people – but think they can look a bit twee in my own hair!! The clips do look lovely though…might need to treat myself!!

  5. It’s a ‘Yes’ from me and I often tie my hair back with either a black or navy velvet ribbon and I’m ….54! It’s all in the ribbon width ,,,, too wide you’ll look like Violet Bott from Just William and too narrow you’ll look like Adam Ant! xx

  6. It’s a yes from me too. I don’t go by what’s in style or trending. I go by what I like and if I think it looks good on me. I’m almost 60 and my gray hair is down to my tailbone. I have bangs, and very thick hair. I do what works for me, and if it’s in style then so much the better. If not, it’s not my fault the world has chosen to “evolve” without the things I like. (their loss)

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