As you read this it will be my birthday, and I will spending it in hospital as my elective c-section was on Saturday and I am not permitted to return home until tomorrow. You can have a butchers at my instagram if you would like to see our beautiful daughter Iris….

This post is probably the antithesis to Lauren’s minimalism post, however I feel this rather unique situation gives me the go ahead to enable you to all buy yourself a BEAUTIFUL bag. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than discovering something useful and lovely to look at at that others will also enjoy owning.

It started with becoming a Mum, a cross body bag was a life saver when it came to housing all of my personal bits and pieces in an easy-access accessory whilst manovering a small human around shops and various day-out type adventures.

My ultimate cross body bag of choice is my only truly “expensive” designer purchase – the Marcie by Chloe. I LOVE it. And it is perfect for weddings, nights out and any other special occasion where I don’t have the responsibility of a small child who may decide to wipe food or snot down the front of my fancy leather. Also it lacks compartments. COMPARTMENTS ARE IMPORTANT FOR EVERYDAY LIFE. Especially when you are in a rush/need to find your car keys when it’s pissing it down and you are stuck outside without an umbrella or hood desperately trying to pacify your tantrum throwing toddler (happens).

The ultimate ultimate gorgeous cross body bag with compartments? The Celine Trio. Which is even more spendy than the Marcie, and you wouldn’t want to risk small grubby paws on that either.

But I have discovered an alternative! And it’s only £38. It’s the Kennedy Three Pocket Cross Body Bag by Oliver Bonas. I have treated myself to the blush but the yellow version is perfect for Spring. So luxe looking and practical is this bag that I have already bought it as a gift for a friend who is expecting her first baby at the end of the month.

Whilst I was in the new Oliver Bonas store in Leamington Spa (make a trip – it’s so well curated and full of ALL THE THINGS) I was also admiring the Juno Cross body bag which comes in both grey and brown (two rather than three compartments but still chic) which is £39.50. Similar to the Chloe Marcie in design is the Carter ring cross body bag (the most stunning shade of dusky blue) which is also under forty quid.

And if you want to match your new Oliver Bonas bag to a pretty piece of knitwear then the pointelle detail top by Topshop is £22 and comes in pale blue, blush AND mustard – the latter works really well with brown leather/tan. If you have any kind of bust/are longer in the body then I would highly recommend sizing up.

If you are a fan of the Mulberry Antony Satchel (the Oxblood shade – I do love it so) but don’t want to sell your soul in order to afford to buy one (I should just point out they last a lifetime and so are great value – I have two girlfriends who have had theirs years and still use them regularly)…then Boden have come up with an elegant classic for under £100. The Tabitha “saddle bag” comes in a timeless tan, navy, yellow and my personal favourite – the pink/mauve “Rosebay” hue.

I am at the stage now where if I’m honest, I want convenience, practically and aesthetics from any bag I invest in, a large tote just doesn’t do it for me at all. There is simply too much opportunity to carry around things you don’t need and lose small items in a bottomless pit of crumpled up tissues and receipts.

A rucksack is admittedly great for holidays and longer day trips but you still have to get the thing of your back to rummage around in it for what you need.

I’m small, compact, compartmentalised cross-body ALL THE WAY.

Do let me know your favourite bag of choice and please feel free to enable with links in the comments section below.

  • Kennedy Cross Body Bag Blush
    Oliver Bonas Kennedy Bag (Blush)
  • Juno Cross Body Bag Grey
    Juno Cross Body Bag
  • Carter Ring Cross Body Bag
    Carter Ring Cross Body Bag
  • Mulberry Antony Satchel
    Mulberry Antony Satchel
  • Oliver Bonas Kennedy Bag (Yellow)
    Oliver Bonas Kennedy Bag (Yellow)
  • Boden Tabitha Saddle Bag Rosebay
    Boden Tabitha Saddle Bag Rosebay
  • Chloe Marcie Bag
    Chloe Marcie Small

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