I have a confession. I buy recipe books because they look nice on my kitchen open shelving but sometimes I don’t even bother to open them until months after purchase. And even then I have a flick through, admire the pictures and think to myself “Bloody hell, who has the time to create that

I know, what a waste.

I thought I would share a few links to recipes and the associated books I do actually make the effort to cook as well as some of the team’s favourites. I’m hoping you will share some of your most loved savoury and sweet dishes in the comments box below. And I promise this feature isn’t just for the selfish reason of giving me a kick up the (lazy) arse (although it might be a bit) but I hope that you too will be inspired to try a few new delicious ideas.

One of my most recent finds is Joe Wicks’s Super Sauce from his Cooking For Family And Friends book. It’s essentially a load of vegetables, tomatoes and herbs that makes a really useful addition to pasta or chicken. It’s not the quickest of recipes but the amount you make is substantial so we always freeze some. I would say one batch is enough for 8 people. My daughter Mabel loves it – and it means she’s getting a decent portion of her 5-a-day without even realising it.

A long term winter warmer favourite is Nigella’s lamb rapid ragu. As the name suggests it’s quick and easy, I usually serve it with rice or taglietelle. In fact Nigella’s Express book is on oldie but a goody. I also make Nigella’s Happiness soup for cold Autumnal lunchtimes.

Lottie often makes both the Baked Tarka Dahl with cauliflower and split peas and the Smoky Veggie Chilli from Jamie Oliver’s Super Food Family Classics book. Packed full of good-for-you ingredients and majorly tasty apparently.

In fact Mr Oliver is very popular indeed, Amy loves his Spicy Cajun Chicken With Smashed Sweet Potato and I’ve previously made his Pasta Pesto both from the 15 Minute Meals book.

I think the entire team is looking forward to investing in Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients – Quick & Easy Food, it sounds amazing. Maybe even too good to be true?!

For the ultimate sweet treat I love Mary Berry’s Banoffi Pie. No it’s not going to do your waistline any favours but it is pretty special in the dessert stakes.

Do let me know what culinary delights you’ll be whipping up tonight and over the weekend, I’m going to endeavour to make something too, promise!