Well folks, that was a gorgeous weekend wasn’t it? Summer has officially begun and what better way to celebrate it’s arrival than a week devoted to our favourite season. Every day you will find a post with a summer vibe, guaranteed to get you in a holiday mood.

We’re kicking off the week by talking about travel destinations. Charlotte mentioned about her search for the perfect UK family holiday in her post this morning, and this afternoon it’s all about breaks for couples abroad. Does anyone else find the prospect of choosing a holiday destination a bit overwhelming? Even a cheap week away can set you back upwards of £300 per adult so it’s blinking expensive to choose the wrong location.

Today’s Reader Request comes from Tracey and she is in need our help to plan a week in the sun. Over to our intrepid traveller…

‘Hello! My husband and I are hoping to go away on holiday next month for a beach holiday. Our most recent holidays have been travelling round Thailand and snowboarding in Switzerland so we’d prefer somewhere that has a few watersports and other sights to keep us entertained.
We’re open to flying up to six hours to get to our destination and are fairly easy on the accommodation. However I do think I’d prefer a hotel over self catering. We both like to have a few cocktails so we’d like to be at least a taxi ride away from nice bars and restaurants. It’s fair to say we have a modest budget so nothing overly luxurious but nothing too basic either!

Now Tracey already has quite a few stamps on her passport having visited South Africa, Cuba, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and Florida in the last few years so it’s clear she likes to take in the culture when she’s on her jolly-days. She’s also mentioned that she’d prefer a more couple-centric area away from larger groups so they can both have some well deserved R&R.

My first thought for Tracey was to recommend Croatia. I went there last year and loved it; loads of history, beautiful architecture, good food and very reasonable prices. We stayed near Zadar though and one thing this town doesn’t have to offer is a glorious beach. In fact we spent most of the week sunbathing on a concrete ledge. However this doesn’t rule out some of Croatia’s more well-known resorts so I’d love it if you would share any of your recommendations.

If you have any thoughts on where Tracey and her other half could holiday please drop her a comment below. I know she would love some help with making a decision! (Image by the very talented Gray Malin.)