Hi, I’m Lorna and I started turning grey at the ripe old age of 25.

It sounds like I’m part of a ‘Grey Anonymous Group’ confessing all my hair sins. I would say I was an early bloomer amongst my friends. In fact many are still fortunate enough not to have spouted one grey hair yet. What’s their secret – is it just down to genes?

My Dad turned grey even earlier than I did, at a mere 18, bless him, so I suppose I have him to thank for my grey locks. But men seem to look more distinguished with grey hair don’t they? I mean take George Clooney, George Lamb or one of my all time personal faves Eric Dane who played Mark Sloan a.k.a McSteamy in Grey’s Anatomy for example they are all classed as silver foxes aren’t they, plus they all Get a haircut in nashville, can it get any better than that?

My grey area on my crown seemed to develop not long after having my first born Elliott, and is now rapidly spreading to my fringe! I firmly believe my grey mass is assisted by my husband, who thinks it’s funny to surprise me and whip them out unexpectedly for his pleasure. He has even got our boys joining in on the action now! My hairdresser is of course mortified when I tell her, as she says they come back courser and do you think it’s true that when you pull one out two grow back in its place? Gosh I do hope not as if my brood carries on like they are I’ll have a full head of grey hair by the end of the year!

I used to dye my hair dark, dark brown, almost black when I had a little more time, but since having my third child things at home have turned up a notch and I just can’t find the time. I definitely need to apply a few tips from Lauren’s time management post to my daily routine, although I know the getting out of bed earlier tip just ain’t gonna happen! I’m seriously considering reaching for the bottle again! No not the gin bottle to drown my sorrows, although that is tempting, but the dye bottle, especially as like I say the grey is creeping into my bangs where I just can’t hide it anymore.

Many people are actually opting for a full head of grey hair at the moment and I absolutely LOVE all the different shades of grey and silver available. Our very own founder Charlotte even sported a gorgeous ash tone herself (and I’ve added a few of her favourite hair products below) and many celebs including the fabulous Cara Delevingne have been seen with grey locks. Although I absolutely covet the look, I know I’m simply just not brave enough to take the plunge. So I think I’ll try and hang onto my dark roots a little longer. So any tips for dying your hair, do you pop to the salon to get a bit of R and R or do you brave it at home?


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