I’m always intrigued by the beauty secrets and daily regimes of other ladies. I got chatting to a colleague the other day about hers and within an instant had a recommendation for a face powder to combat my shiny skin. Today we’re launching what we hope will be a new series covering beauty essentials for all skin and hair types. First up, it’s our very own Becky’s turn to wow us all with her hair and skin rituals. I’ll hand you over to Mrs Sappor.

About Me

{Skin type} Combination and prone to breakouts
{Hair} Normal with a natural curl

My Mush

I have been turned onto Olay products by Lottie. And I’m finding that it’s really seeming to work for me. I have oily skin one minute and dry skin the next but using these products really seems to have evened it out. I am also prone to some sort of weird adult acne and suffer from breakouts so I tend to stick to the more sensitive skin products.

The first thing I use is Olay Daily Facial Wipes, morning and night. Such a quick and easy way to make sure your face is thoroughly clean and gently exfoliated at the same time. I’d say since using these I have seen a good improvement in both my previously cavernous pores and also blackheads. You simply wet the cloth, gently rub it over your face et voila! You’re face is super clean and feels great.

I then follow this with a quick swish around my face with a cotton wool ball loaded with Olay 2in1 Cleanser and Toner. It takes about 10 seconds.

Then I moisturise. And you guessed it, it’s with another Olay product. For the morning I use Olay Complete Lightweight Day Fluid (which also has an SPF15) for sensitive skin and for the night I use Olay Double Action Night Cream sensitive.

During the day I work from home and so there isn’t a real pressure to put any slap on but I do like to make sure I at least look alive for the nursery drop or popping out to Tesco so the last part of my week day routine is applying my new favourite beauty product. Stila One Step Correct. I LOVE this colour corrector. It’s essentially made up of three elements which help to colour correct your skin, keep it moisturised and prime it ready for the day. Honestly, it makes me almost as glowy as Lottie. It’s really weightless too and with a bit of mascara I feel good to go.

The Bonce

I have to admit, I don’t really have any special things that I do to my hair. I don’t really use any products in it all. I was with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. A few months back I had a consultation at Kerastase as part of a spa day. This lovely hairdresser guy stuck a tiny camera on my scalp and dear me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. It was quite frightening in fact. Turns out that I had quite a lot of ‘skin’ build up. Yuk. It wasn’t the flaky dandruff type though, it was quite oily. He advised a product that would help lift the excess build up by exfoliating my scalp and free my follicles to let them breathe again, Kerastase Specifique Exfoliant Shampoo. Sceptically I bought his recommendation but I think it’s actually worked. I need to go back and get my scalp looked at again to see the change close up but my hair does feel somewhat more bouncy at the root. I used it quite intensively for a week and now I use it just once a week to help remove any build up. So if your hair is feeling a bit flat but with no outward signs of flaky dandruff it may be that you have this oily version like me so I’d recommend giving it a try.

From time to time I use OGX Argan Oil before blow drying… when I remember to that is. This one is nice and smells lush.

Does anyone else use any of the products Becky recommends? I’m tempted to give the Kerastase shampoo a whirl, and anything that gives me skin like Lottie’s is worth a go!


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