Other than a short trip to France later this month to see my father-in-law we weren’t planning on any holidays this year. Last week I had a brief hiatus in my morning sickness and started to hatch a plan for a three night trip to Europe sometime in June. Now the symptoms have come back with a vengeance I’m not sure how realistic it’ll be but I thought I’d do some research anyway.

We’re looking for a location around three hours from London with a shortish transfer time. It’s not going to be too active an affair instead it would be far more relaxing to spend some time chilling out. We wouldn’t mind soaking in a bit of culture while we’re there and dining in a bit of luxury.

Sóller, Majorca

First potential location is Majorca, and more specifically Sóller where I know Charlotte has visited before.
Travel Time From London Around 2 hours 45 minutes
Distinguishing Features Lemon and orange groves surrounded by mountain terrain and dense woodland

  • The buzzing main square of Plaza de la Constitución with heaps of bars and cafes
  • The quaint and quirky Sóller tram travelling from town to port
  • Boat trips along the rugged coastline to Sa Calobra, where it’s a short walk to the spectacular deep canyon on the Torrent de Parei
  • Relaxing amongst the flora and fauna of Jardi Botanic de Sóller
  • Porto, Portugal

    Last year we had an epic time in Lisbon and on our way back from an afternoon at the LX Factory our taxi driver raved about Porto, Portugal’s second city which was also mentioned by a few readers too.
    Travel Time From London Around 2 hours 15 minutes
    Distinguishing Features Porto provides architectural wonders, a quaint old town with cobbled streets, stunning vistas and beautiful beaches

  • Wander by the cafes and restaurants next to the River Douro
  • Admire the baroque São Francisco church 
  • Visit the Mercado do Bolhão, a lively market selling fresh produce
  • Climb the landmark Clérigos tower for a bird’s-eye view of the city’s red roofs and hills. (I’m getting the impression Porto is as hilly as Lisbon!)
  • Drop into the neo-Gothic Lello Bookshop (a favourite of JK Rowling’s apparently)
  • Take in a tour of the port wine lodges
  • Hop on a boat ride and visit one the palm lines beaches
  • Paris, France

    I’m lucky enough to have visited Paris many times. The familiarity of the place is comforting but I’m wondering if we should spread our wings a little.
    Travel Time From London Flight Time 1 hour 15 minutes, Eurostar 2 hours 15 minutes.
    Distinguishing Features Ooh la la! It’s Paris! Stunning buildings with balconies aplenty, culture, history and apparently the most romantic place on Earth.

  • Take a trip down the Seine (previously we’ve just used the water taxi)
  • Dine on a rooftop terrace taking in a Parisian vista
  • Kick back in the Jardin du Luxembourg for a snooze in the sun
  • Take a stroll around Versaille
  • Eat crossiants 24 hours a day
  • Picnic in Parc de la Turlure with a view of the mighty Sacré Coeur
  • Rent a rowing boat in the Bois de Boulogne and relax out on the water
  • Any other recommendations for a cheeky three day break not too far from home? Where are your favourite places in Europe to spend a long weekend?