For those of you expecting soon I can highly recommend a good baby bouncer. I didn’t have one for Molly for some unknown reason and it was one of the first things I purchased for Alice.

They are a god send for giving you somewhere safe and secure to place your baby and was the only place Alice would actually go to sleep.

There are a vast variety of bouncers out there so I thought I would share my favourites with you all.

Fisher Price

For Alice we purchased the Fisher Price woodland bouncer and it was great. Mainly as we had a bit of a woodland theme going on! Simple to put together and the cover was nice and soft. Plus it’s machine washable which is definitely a bonus. It had some woodland toys dangling over it which kept Alice amused and a soft vibrate option. I’m not 100% sure if this is what helped her to sleep but I wasn’t chancing fate by not turning it on!!


This Bababing bouncer has a great contemporary design and I think it looks more expensive than it’s £30 price tag. With a sturdy base and self bouncing mechanism I think any little one would be rather happy in here. This design has a super cute safari animal outline in a stylish grey cover and comes complete with two sweet little animal characters.

Baby Bjorn

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer has been a firm favourite with many of my friends and the one I wished I had bought. Pricier than others but definitely a good buy. It has a self propelling rocking motion which means that the little movements the baby makes help the bouncer to rock without the need for batteries! It has a really soft cover and has been specifically designed with paediatricians to make sure it has the right support for baby. Plus it can fold flat to make it easy to store or take with you.

Levo Rocker

The lovely Lorna pointed me in the direction of this gorgeous Levo baby rocker. I am a little bit in love. In a gorgeous beech or walnut wood you can then choose from a whole host of beautiful colours and designs for the cushion. The rocker follows your baby’s own natural movements, encouraging him or her to actively bounce.


Ok, so this is a)pricey and b)extremely large and technical but go with me on this! My sister-in-law had this MamaRoo for my nephew and she swore by it. I fear it may have been this that put me off purchasing a bouncer for Molly but actually there is method in her madness. The Mamaroo has been designed to mimic the actual body movements of a parent. After all we don’t vibrate like the majority of bouncy seats do we?! My nephew adored his and would happily while away many an hour in here.


This Nunaleaf is a rather clever piece of kit. Firstly it has a lovely simplistic look to it and secondly it has a wonderful swinging motion (of a leaf I presume!) that doesn’t require any batteries at all. Just give it a simple push and the gentle sliding motion will continue unaided to help soothe and relax your little one. This is also a pretty study piece and can take waits up to 60kg so can become a perfect little chair for your toddlers.


I love the gorgeous norwegian wood print on this bouncer and it is also a great budget buy. Molly and Alice’s Grandma had a version of this at her house and it was perfect. It didn’t take up much space and was actually very sturdy. There is a simple vibrate button to soothe baby and some cute hanging toys to keep them occupied. Mother care do a few different versions of this if pink isn’t your thing.

Stokke Steps

After Lolly raved about her Stokke Steps highchair the other day I thought I should include their gorgeous bouncer. This is a beautifully designed piece and has all the style and functionality you would expect from Stokke. It is a available in a range of colours so you can choose your favourite. The bouncer looks super comfy and can also be attached to the Stokke Steps highchair so that baby can be raised up to eye level at mealtimes (or when tackling that next mountain of washing up!).

Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas have always had a great range of baby bouncers at a variety of price points. They also often have discounts and sales so definitely worth checking them out. This one is a good buy for a simple bouncer and I love the cute animal silhouette in fun blues, mustards and greys. There are also some rather funky arrow toys to keep baby amused. It has a vibrate option and also plays four different lullabies so you won’t get bored with the constant songs on repeat!


The Bloom Coco baby lounger was one of my coveted pieces but I couldn’t quite justify the £160 plus price tag. It does look rather lovely though. It’s made from a single piece of curved wood with a smooth self rocking motion. There is also no assembly required which you will appreciate when you have tried to get those blinking metal legs in to other baby bouncers! You can choose from different coloured seats in a leather or fabric design. I am also very taken with their new Coco Go which looks like a rather fabulous baby rocking chair!
Have you purchased a baby bouncer for your little ones and any favourite recommendations to share.