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Rebecca’s Minimalist Period Home

Author: Lauren Coleman

We’ve featured many gorgeous Victorian and Edwardian properties on Rock My Style but Rebecca’s stylishly pared back and minimal style is really refreshing. Over to Rebecca for a tour of her Buckinghamshire home.

We moved into our house in 2012 and I can safely say we (I say ‘we’ loosely, was so all me) bought it purely for the bath and sash windows. I have my priorities all v straight….
Originally built for the workers at Bletchley Park back in the early 1900s it was a 3 bedroom property but the previous owners changed the small bedroom upstairs into the bathroom, which I love as it is now a big airy room.
No one warns you about the period property reality that kicks in after the initial excitement of getting your keys, everywhere we looked worked needed doing (and still does!) so took us a year or two to get going with our changes.


The first thing we wanted rid of was the modern kitchen which didn’t gel with the rest of the house. We bought a basic Wickes kitchen, changed the handles and ordered our own scaffold board counter tops to add a vintage feel from ebay. The reclaimed wooden floors were from ebay too. Artwork I pick up from second hand shops and also really like Cavallini & Co wrapping paper to frame and they do great hanging kits too.

The lights are from Etsy and come in different colours too.

Dining Room

The dining room did not always get the best light being at the back of the house and tended to just be a place we dumped stuff on route to the kitchen but since painting the floors Autentico chalk white it has really brightened the room up and we have been enjoying it more.
The dining room table is from Most Marvellous Northampton, a real treasure trove of vintage goodies and they have a cute little cafe too.
The chairs were bought from second hand shops all painted in Authentico chalk paint, and the metal chair is from a interiors shop in Buckingham called The Courtyard at No 6. The bar is painted in trusty old Farrow and Ball Down Pipe. I think the chairs might be getting the Down Pipe treatment soon too! The chaise was from my mothers house, she bought it for her first house over 30 years ago, so I’m classing it as vintage.


Most items of furniture in in the house are sourced from charity shops, Age Concern are great, and then painted with chalk paint (I’m a lazy upcycler). Our Loaf sofas were our most extravagant purchase but I just love the cosiness and depth of them.
My style ideas change from week to week and my current obsession is white floors, they are a nightmare to keep clean but I love the look of them, our downstairs floors painted with Authentico chalk paint which was really easy to use. Get yourself a small roller (and the patience of a saint husband) and you are sorted. I’m sure I’ll want to strip them all back at some point but I’ll save that conversation for another day. The colour on the lounge walls is Little Greene French Grey.

Spare Room

The spare room is a work in progress, and still not 100% sure which direction it is going in but it is fun to change things around till I compete happy with it. Cupboards sourced from second hand shops and given the chalk paint treatment.


The bath was originally red when we moved in (!) but we painted it in Farrow and Ball Down Pipe. I’d do the whole house in Down Pipe if I could. Note to self, must ask hubby about that.


I have unhealthy obsession with radiators, don’t we all? Our hallway one was bought from a reclaimed vintage radiator company. Ultimately I’d love to change all the radiators in the house. These ones from Screwfix are being currently eyed up.
Reclaimed Radiator

Overall the house is still a work in progress and my style ideas are constantly changing, but it would be boring if there was nothing else to do, so for now where is my paint brush?

  • French Connection Rug
  • Heated Towel Rail
    Victorian Plumbing Radiator
  • Anthropologie Goblets
    Anthropologie Goblets
  • Champagne Sign

Photography by Adam Crohill

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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44 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Minimalist Period Home

  1. Your house Rebecca is absolutely stunning I luv it .Some houses that do vintage make me shudder old tea cups etc everywhere but yours is classy if you know what I mean. It’s beautiful through and through xx

    1. Thanks so much Lorraine. I know exactly what you mean, and I’m pleased the vibe I want comes across xx

  2. This is beautiful!
    I love the French Gone with the Wind poster – would Rebecca be able to share where she got it from?
    Thank you!

  3. Really really beautiful house, quick question…..have you found the painted floor boards have held up well, or have they worn/chipped very easily? I’m tempted to do this but I’m worried the paint will look tatty with lots of foot fall? X

    1. Thanks Louise. Yes they have held up quite well, it’s more dirty foot marks than chips (especially in the entrance hallway) but the chalk paint is very easy to clean so not been a bother at all. I just give them a wipe over once a week. Go for it! x

    2. I’ve always painted my floorboards, easy to clean as have dogs.
      They do scratch with their claws now and again, this tends to add charm and authenticity. When I feel the need I just give them another coat.
      There are quick drying paints available that really are quick drying.

  4. Beautiful!

    And now I want a dresser again… but we still don’t have the space for one.

    I found a gorgeous 1920s ish wardrobe in our nearby charity shop for £30 the other day (for anyone near to Oxford I really recommend checking out the Emmaus superstore, they often have some lovely stuff) but sadly had to leave it there as we just don’t have anywhere for it to go. It would have been perfect for a child’s wardrobe.

  5. Can you tell me did you source your kitchen counter tops ready made or did you order the scaffold boards and make them yourself? How are they wearing with watermarks etc? Did you oil them or anything? Thanks!

    1. I’m wondering this too Anna and Rebecca. I looked into this kind of thing a while ago but totally chickened out.
      Having seen your kitchen, it looks stunning and it’s really made me think again… x

  6. Beautiful home! Rebecca did you buy the counter tops already formed on ebay or did you have to buy the scaffold boards and make them yourselves? Did you oil them or protect them in anyway? Are they withstanding water marks etc okay? I love the idea! Work tops are so expensive!

    1. Hi Anna, yes we bought them already formed from Ebay, we sent them the measurements and then our kitchen fitter fitted them. We oiled them ourselves and they are great, no watermarks so far and any dings etc I feel just add to their charm. I know, kitchens can be a nightmare to do! The company we used are not on Ebay anymore but have a website here:


  7. So a lovely home. I’m tempted to paint my doors and woodwork a shade of grey. Are you able to let me know what colour you have used in your bathroom for your woodwork? It looks fab!!!!!

  8. Beautiful house, everything looks just right but not overly done 🙂 I have been looking at those sofas on loaf as well for a while but seeing them in your house has really helped me make my mind up. Thank you for sharing

  9. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Very stylish just like you! Well done, you should be very proud of your work 😘

  10. Love your house, if you don’t mind me asking what colour and brand did you oil your wooden kitchen floor with. I love the colour

  11. Really very nice and calming! This is a lot like my home I’ve very recently bough (currently redoing the bathroom), Its a mid terrace which was built in 1893 for the ‘managers’ of the various pottery companies in stoke on trent, the height of the rooms is insane, they’re so tall! the bathroom is upstairs and its 3 bedrooms, its a really large terraced house and very deceiving from the outside. It has the original fireplaces with Minton tiles, I took up the carpets and the original floor boards were in great condition so I’ve cleaned, sanded and treated them and they look beautiful! I cant wait until the bathroom is complete and I can finally move in! Im still on the hunt for a nice sofa though!

  12. I love the rug on your dining room floor, is it a French Connection rug? I am looking for one very similar. Your house is beautiful, so much personality.

  13. Your house is beautiful and it’s the kind of vibe I’d like to go far in our new house- it’s 1850s and crying out for a pared back vintage style. Can ask what paint you used on the walls and woodwork in the kitchen? And in the dining room? Love your style!

  14. Can I ask what colour you painted your dining room walls and the colour you used for your vintage console table in that room, it looks fab. Also the colour you used on your lovely vintage painted antique wardrobe? There are just too many colours to try and choose from these days and you’ve nailed it! Did you also do the stencil on the wardrobe?

    Loving what you’ve done, very creative to pull all this together – much admired

  15. Rebecca,

    Love your blog just wondering what colour have you used in the dinning room ? It looks really nice , I looked up french grey on little green which you mention but there are four versions of the colour just wondering which you used ? It looks amazing next to down pipe!
    Thanks Alex

  16. Hi Rebecca, such beautiful photos. I would love to know what paint colour you used on the walls in the rooms that had Pigeon on the woodwork – a stunning combination, I would love to steal it! x

  17. Hi, please can you tell me where you sourced all the antique brass in your bathroom? I can’t find a bath with brass feet

  18. Hi,

    Beautiful home! Could you please tell me what paint and colour you’ve used in your lounge? I have an oak fireplace the same and have been trying to find a colour that compliments it! You’ve done it so well!

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