Kate and Will got married not long after James and I. I was still basking in a post-wedding euphoria and couldn’t get enough of the Royal wedding. We spent the day in the capital celebrating with a bevvy of friends, drinking prosecco at a street party on Columbia Road.

Unless you’ve been living without WiFi access for the last six months, you’ll know Prince Harry will be marrying Meghan Markle this Saturday and I have to say I’m just as excited about the proceedings as I was about his older brother’s. I’ve even gone so far as to buy some bunting to deck out my living room. I’m hosting a brunch for a few close friends and have raided every pound shop in the land for anything with a union flag on it.
Working in the wedding industry the team at Rock My Towers obviously have a vested interest in the Royal nuptials and we’ve been ever so slightly over enthusiastic as all the details have been revealed. (Check out Fern’s recent RMW post if you don’t believe me.) What will she wear? What florals will she choose? Who will walk her down the aisle? And to the last point came the most recent news that Meghan’s dad will no longer be attending the big day. You can say what you like about Meghan (and many people have) but knowing how stressful the week before a wedding can be, I really felt for her reading about her dad’s humiliating paparazzi shot debacle. Most girls have to worry about whether their dress fits, if their roses will be in full bloom or if the weather forecast is looking good. Poor Megs has to deal with her family history splashed about the press, and the knowledge one of loved ones isn’t going to be there on her wedding day.
A couple of weeks before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got hitched I remember being at a work event near Westminster Abbey and staring up in awe at the building. I know I felt nervous before my aisle walk into a room filled with my nearest and dearest but to have to do it under the scrutiny of the world’s media must be absolutely terrifying. Particularly when they’re waiting for you to fail.
I’ve read so many reports which suggest the marriage is doomed from the beginning. Did anyone else read the piece in The Independent citing Professor Nicholas Wolfinger from University of Utah? He claims the odds of divorcing declines for newlyweds in the late twenties and early thirties but then rises again as the age of newlyweds increases to mid-to-late thirties, putting Meghan at prime age to become a divorcee once again. The sad fact is that 50% of marriages do end in divorce and a staggering 67% of second marriages come to an end too. But still the hopeless romantic in me holds on to their fairy tale.
While Kate may have been in our hearts for many years before she got to wear that sapphire ring and a sell-out navy wrap dress, Meghan has seemingly bowled in from nowhere with a chic blow-dry and a penchant for casual wear. I like to believe she genuinely wants to do some good in this world, and she was well on her way to doing this before she met the sixth in line to the throne. Personally, I wouldn’t care if I had a potential hand in Prince Harry’s estimated £28 million fortune, there’s no way you’d get me signing my life away to the Royal family. I mean, have you seen The Crown?!
I, along with the rest of the team will be rooting for the happy couple on Saturday and hope they get their happily ever after.

If you’re married, what’s the most stressful thing that happened before your wedding and how did you deal with it? Are you going to be watching the wedding on Saturday or have you got other plans? If you’re not interested in the Royal family then perhaps you can suggest some vegan sandwich fillings instead. Currently my friend is going to have an empty plate at my celebration brunch….