I’d say my husband is thoughtful but not overly romantic. I always thought he’d pick a low-key location to propose and no doubt would use some form of stand-in so I could pick my own engagement ring. In fact he blew me away when he faked winning a night in a budget hotel room as a ploy to get me down to London. Instead of rocking up to the a Travelodge I found myself inside Posh and Becks’ favourite suite in Claridges. Yup I’ve slept in the same bed as David Beckham. I said yes as he (James, not David Beckham) perched on one knee with a replica of my Grandma’s engagement ring. It was a total surprise and utterly perfect.

Since that day six years ago, most of my friends have also found themselves with fiancee status. Some of them were proposed to quietly at home, others in Greek villas, some on ski slopes, a few on epic beaches. All proposals uniquely different and very romantic. Some were more adventurous, others tender and charming. One thing unites all these proposals though; the boy proposed to the girl.
In my own personal experience none of my female friends have popped the question and they all waited to be asked. Some of my friends have had babies with boyfriends but most have made the choice to go the traditional way and wait until after marriage to start a family.
My girls are intelligent, driven women who know what they want out of life. They pay their own way and split living costs down the middle with their partners. Despite the 50:50 split on finances and decision making on holidays, houses and general life, we all left the biggest decision of our lives in the hands of our partners. And my god did they make us wait.
We have discussed this A LOT over the years. Lots of prosecco bottles have been downed and tears have fallen and the words ‘I don’t understand why he won’t propose’ have been uttered. Not once did we ever suggest they could propose to him.
As 2016 is a leap year apparently it’s ‘acceptable’ for women to initiate a marriage proposal. Isn’t it crazy how it still seems to be the done thing for the bloke to buy the ring and get down on one knee?

Interestingly in the seventies it was my Mum who proposed to my Dad. They’d been together for just two months and had already talked about getting hitched. One day over Sunday lunch my Mum suggested to my dad they get married and seven months later she walked down the aisle. Next year they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

What is it that makes modern society still favour the traditional engagement scenario? What’s your own proposal story and was it you or your partner who popped the question?