As Lisa mentioned yesterday it seems there’s been a turning point in the last week or so. It’s now totally acceptable to refer to the C-word by it’s real name. Ho, ho, ho and all that jazz, it’s Christmaaaaaaasssss. Well it’s on its way at least, and with bells on too.

Halloween is getting so big in the UK it appears to be pushing back the arrival of tinsel to the shelves. (Well in Northamptonshire anyway). Despite being a lover of all things yule I’m in favour of the somewhat delayed unveiling of Chrimbo. I’m hoping the later arrival will mean folks are tempted to really enjoy the festive period, rather than getting carried away in August and then being so tired of Christmas the tree gets taken down on Boxing Day. Let’s keep our Douglas Firs up until January people!

There’s no denying Christmas is really expensive. On that note, how cute is the card at the top of the post from Bonny Blackbird? In the past I’ve started really, really early with the shopping to spread the cost, however I’ve also ended up getting fatigue as the whole shopping malarky has gone on forever, spread out over weeks and weeks. These days I put aside a bit of money every payday through the year to cover the expense and spend a much shorter period buying presents.

Like Charlotte, we’re hosting Christmas too. Though when I say hosting, I mean the term loosely as my sister-in-law’s other half has requested to do ALL the cooking. I know. Super lucky right? I even had to put up a fight to be chief prosecco pourer. James and I have composed a list not of presents but of every single job that needs doing on the house before we’ll allow our family in. It seems perfectly acceptable to let them in for dinner on any other given Sunday but whack the word ‘Christmas’ in front and we simply must redecorate and retile the kitchen, fix the shower and buy new beds before anyone passes over the threshold. I need more than five weeks, more like five months.

So ladies, I have to ask. When does Christmas start (and end) for you? There’s less than 40 days to go until the big day and I’m feeling a bit perplexed. So far I’ve bought one present, some napkins and a bauble. (Brother-in-law will be pleased, the rest of the family maybe not so). Charlotte has tempted me to copy her with both these John Lewis plates and Cox and Cox crackers but I’m more concerned the dining room is currently half painted and I’ve got tile samples coming out of my ears. Am I behind? Or is this pretty normal?
When do you find yourself getting in the festive spirit? When do you start prepping for the big day and when do the celebrations kick off for you? So many questions, but I’m all ears. Oh and while we’re on the subject of Noel, nip on over to RMF to chat about where you’re spending Christmas and RMW to talk winter weddings.