The blogging and social media landscape is almost unrecognisable compared to when we launched Rock My Style in January 2014.

We have made several significant changes to the platform over the years, focusing more on interiors and fashion and dropping our “Jack Of All Trades” beginnings where we featured anything and everything – sometimes posting multiple times a day.

With Editor Lauren’s maternity leave imminent and most of the team juggling childcare (or lack there of) over the next 6 weeks, we decided it was exactly the right time to have a holiday, smell the coffee (or drink at LEAST 6 cups in order to stay awake…that might just be me) and enjoy time with our ever growing families while we test and refine new ways of producing content.

We have always experienced year on year growth with Rock My Wedding, with 2018 set to be our most successful year to date. With Rock My Style we’ve always been so busy churning daily content that we haven’t given ourselves the space to evolve with our readers online habits and utilise our social media accounts strategically.

From today onwards until September we will be posting less on the blog and experimenting with micro blogging and specific story features on our instagram account. Rather than posting seven times a week on the blog you can expect three features instead, more than likely on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We endeavour to bring you more of what you want in the way that you want to receive it and it seems like the perfect time for the team to take some much needed creative headspace and experiment. We’ve already received lots of positive DMs via instagram on our new shopping features and we’d love to bring them to you more frequently.

It’s time for change. And we’re feeling excited about the future.

I hope you will join us in enjoying the sunshine, regrouping and sharing some slightly different features in alternative ways over the coming weeks. As always please PLEASE do share your thoughts and any insight into what you are listening to, looking at, and absolutely loving online. We will be eternally grateful.

Becky and I have begun recording our first season of podcasts for Rock My Wedding – we’ve really enjoyed it and hope perhaps this might be an option for Rock My Style too.

Please do follow our instagram account if you don’t already.

Big Love and lipsticks…..always x