Oh yes we are, even though it is now near the end of June (how the hell did that happen?) haven’t even confirmed where we’re going, let alone booked anything (!) I am determined that whilst Mabel is still um…portable, we should make the most of it and spend a week just the three of us, somewhere lovely.

There are two main things that concern me about a foreign adventure:

a) The amount of stuff we will need to take/think about – all of that sterilisation equipment, car seat, buggy, monitor, 345 muslin cloths…..

I know there are travel organisations that cater specifically for babies and young children but we haven’t been able to find something that suits location wise, everything seems a bit…isolated. Or incredibly expensive.

b) The heat. Mabel does’t like being in the slightest bit warm, her favourite outfit is her birthday suit. And where can you go in July/August where there isn’t the risk of it being really quite hot? I can’t imagine it being much of a break if we are confined to our air conditioned apartment for the majority of our stay.

Perhaps I am just being an over cautious new Mum, I’m not that much of a worrier in general and James and I have always been quite spontaneous/last minute when it comes to getaways but I guess when this incredibly important small person joins the fold your priorities completely change.

We’re considering a week in the UK instead, I think being a few hours drive away rather than a plane trip would make us feel more relaxed, and I suppose that’s the point.

We’re thinking perhaps heading to Cornwall or Devon but actually I quite fancy somewhere a bit different, just so as long as there are pretty walks, restaurants and things-to-see fairly near by. Somewhere within a few miles radius of a beach would be an added bonus but it’s not essential.

I know I touched on it in my And Then There Were Three Post but now I’m getting a bit desperate (to the point where I wish someone would just TELL me where to go and I politely obey) Where would you recommend folks, have you been to a nice hotel of self-catering cottage in the UK that would work for our little family? have you ever been in our situation i.e. potentially taking a 12 week old somewhere away from home for longer than a weekend? Did you take a load of stuff that you found you didn’t really need? Did you forget to take important things that you found you really did need?! Were you making as much of a meal out of it as I am?!

As always your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated!

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