An elegant gold foiled wedding invitation recently landed on my door mat in a gorgeous calligraphied envelope. Inside the dress code detailed; Morning suits/ Formal. Oh my word. Morning suits? How exciting! I don’t think we’ve ever been invited to such a posh bash. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding that stipulated a dress code, and I tell you, I’ve been to a lot of weddings. Then after the wave of excitement the fear began to set in. What does one wear to such an occasion? What will James wear? A quick discussion with my mother-in-law reassured me the groomsmen will be in morning suits but guests won’t be expected to don the tails. Phew. Then I spoke to James’ friend who mentioned he was invited to a wedding several summers ago with the same dress code and it was just him and the page boy who didn’t turn up in tails. He said he felt a bit of a plonker.

James’ plonker status was diverted with a quick call to the groom who confirmed all male guests were invited to wear morning suits but a smart suit would also cut the mustard. So that’s James sorted but what the hell am I going to wear?!

Over on our other platforms we’re embracing wedding fashion today; Fern is talking Bridesmaid trends for 2016 on Rock My Wedding and Lottie is chatting about maternity formalwear over on Rock My Family. The uber stylish Lorna joins us next week to share her favourite frocks for the wedding season but for now we’re going to have a good old chat about wedding guest attire.

As you can see Mrs O’Shea (twirling around at our friend Lisa’s wedding three years ago) has no problemo sporting a dark colour for a wedding and I am with her 100%. For the same wedding I actually wore a black top and long leopard print skirt proving I’m also comfortable to wear a loud pattern when attending a friend’s nuptials. I wear black most of the time and as long as it’s elegant I personally don’t feel I look like I’m attending a funeral. I do however draw the line at the headwear and frock worn by Frances Shea’s mother at her daughter’s marriage ceremony to Reggie Kray. The widow’s cap spoke volumes.

White, I’m not so sure about. I did phone ahead when I bought a long heavily patterned cream maxi dress for my friend’s big day, just to make sure but usually I steer clear of the traditional bridal colour. My mum went to a low-key pub wedding in the seventies dressed in a white lace frock and floppy hat. On arriving at the reception the barman congratulated her and passed her a drink mistaking her for the bride. Slightly embarrassing.

In general I’d say I like to make an effort when I have the honour of being invited to a friend or family member’s nuptials. Several years ago I attended a very informal wedding where the bride and groom proposed guests could wear jeans. I opted for a more casual dress as it didn’t feel right to get the denim out at such a prestigious occasion despite the informality. I would have no qualms over wearing a jumpsuit and really considered it when I was asked to one of my best friend’s ‘something blue’ but the one I loved just didn’t fit. On the dress front I tend to avoid anything too short and usually cover my shoulders if I’m in church. That’s just my personal preference though. I don’t seem to have any photos of the frocks I mention above but thought you might welcome a few snaps of Mr C and I at various weddings over the last six years. James’ suit choices have definitely got sharper and I seem to have had a few hairstyles too. The bottom left pic is a reminder not to wear skyscaper heels if there’s an epic lawn involved or you may well fall over.

Where do you sit when it comes to wedding attire and etiquette? Do you embrace the black, white, short or long? Anyone wish their guests had worn something different on their own big day?