The Ikea Ribba shelves are an RMS team favourite. Anyone who follows Rock My Style on Facebook will hopefully have seen our header pic featuring a display of prints, photos and other paraphernalia on a couple of Ribba picture ledges.
However, this special Swedish shelf isn’t just suitable for showing off your pieces of art. Charlotte has used a few in Mabel’s nursery to arrange a rather enviable collection of shoes and Adam houses a rather hefty fragrance selection on his.
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When it came to adding a few more pieces to my own office I considered adding another row of picture ledges. In the end though I went for several different creations that I thought I’d share with you today.

All Lined Up

For Christmas I was the very proud recipient of several fashion illustrations including the gorgeous Lara Stone style lips and a Chanel lipstick print. I adored both prints and knew that they would look smashing with my gold and pink decor in my Summer House/Office Space.
I also wanted to add a couple pieces that I had kept hold of; a kraft letterpress card I sent as an anniversary card to James, a cute ‘Magic’ card left over from my M&S Christmas multi-pack, and to add a tropical twist I also wanted to frame a gold pineapple card (obviously given to me by the queen of fruitiness, Charlotte).
I got myself down to my local Wilko and snapped up a few of their white photo frames and then ordered custom picture mounts from an online store. (If you’re looking for something similar just Google “custom mounts”). After framing all my new art pieces I attached to the wall with “Command Strips” to create a bit of a gallery. Before I do anything like this I lay them on the floor first to get a better idea of the layout. I actually quite like the wonky gallery wall I have in my hall but for this one I have to admit that the tape measure and spirit level made an appearance.


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{The Stockists}
  • Lips Watercolour Giclee – The A Estate | Currently unavailable
  • Chanel Lipsticks – RK Hercules | £5.48
  • You and Me – Constellation Co | £3.65
  • Magic – M&S Christmas Card
  • Creme De La Creme – By Luciana | £14.87
  • Yippee – Handmade
  • Pineapple – Hartland Brooklyn | £3.04
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    Hung Out

    In theory the idea of ordering custom mounts should all be very simple. However I either got very confused with my mathematical equations or the mounting people got very perplexed with my request. Somehow I ended up with some peculiar sized mounts with very odd apertures. Therefore my rather fancy Creme de La Creme print with very snazzy gold foil detailing missed out on its own frame. Instead I picked up a trouser hanger from Ikea for the the purse pleasing price of 65p and nailed a simple tack in to the wall. I always have a childish giggle at Ikea’s naming choices. This particular hanger goes by the name of Bumerang
    I find this technique ideal for hanging prints that I get from America. Though they often look A4 in size they are usually ‘Letter’ size so they are a little shorter and a tad wider than their A4 counterparts.

    Taped Up

    Finally I had kept hold of a handmade postcard made by one of my friends. I love how she used gold glitter glue to jazz up the monochrome copy. Rather than frame this piece I used washi tape to attach to the white wall.

    Have you picked up any prints recently? What’s your favourite way to display them? Finally does anyone else have a laugh at the ikea products names too?