With Adam ripping out his kitchen and Lolly planning how she’ll cook up a storm when her renovation is complete, my thoughts have also turned to the heart of the home.

I realise I’m extremely lucky to have a large kitchen in my new house. The peninsular unit is a bit of a dream-come-true and since this image was taken we’ve relocated the pendant lighting to hang over the seating so you can actually see what you’re eating. The large expanse of worktop makes meal prep so much easier than the small counter top we had in our previous cottage. I’ve never had a kitchen which steps out on to the garden so I adore the french doors leading out the patio and herb garden. Despite my best efforts to get guests through to the living room, the kitchen is where they seem to want to congregate.
The layout is okay. I do find it a bit odd most of my food is positioned above the sink (the bank of low level storage is mostly concealed appliances) and I miss my beautiful Smeg fridge which we were unable to relocate. The large sink is super duper practical as is the new Range we purchased when we moved in.
However there is one thing I’m not very keen on and that’s the cream cabinet doors. In other houses I’ve seen cream work really well, so homely and welcoming but as this room is fairly dark the doors always seem discoloured and I feel they really clash with the white woodwork. The carcasses are very new and great quality from Howdens. They have a royal warrant don’t you know, but I don’t think Liz would be too keen on the colour either either. One of my friends recently announced she’d been looking at the same kitchen but that she’d been put off after seeing ours in the flesh. Insert sad, slightly mortified face.
The DIYer in me tells me to whip the doors off, give them a sand down and paint them to give the room a brighter and fresher feel. As a shaker style, the cupboards have a timeless design which is a plus. I’m very tempted to go two-tone with grey units on the bottom and white on the top and add new hardware to the drawers and cupboards. Then I remember I did this in our very first house in our tiny kitchenette and it took forever and ever! The thought of approaching 22 cupboard and door fronts with a roller doesn’t really appeal.


I contacted a company who claim to recolour cabinet doors several times for a consultation but they declined to reply so I’ve no idea how much this would cost.
I’ve got to be honest an entire kitchen refit is completely off the cards, and feels a bit unnecessary too. As mentioned the layout is okay so all I’ve got to do is sort out the colour. However it did make me wonder how many people have bought houses with very new kitchens and bathrooms which really aren’t their style. It seems very acceptable to rip out an avocado suite or a melamine eighties kitchen but what do you do if the cupboards still have a whole load of life in them? It seems sacrilege to pull out a brand new kitchen just because the doors, worktops or floor don’t fit the aesthetic.

Invariably the DIY approach is one we’ll take, probably taking on one area at a time and slowly painting the doors and trims until the cream is banished. Notice how none of my inspirational images had wooden worktops though? I wonder if this will be the start of a lot of other changes too. I hope my husband isn’t reading this…
What’s your experience of inherited kitchens and bathrooms? Did you have new fittings when you moved house which really weren’t your style? Did you rip them out or live with them? Any experiences of painting units you’d like to share?