Well ok not quite, but at least TV desserts. James and I have been watching all the programmes recently, it’s not as if, as parents, we can go out on the razzle dazzle on any given sunny evening – so after Mabel is in bed by 7.30pm ish we’ll help ourselves to a mini magnum and curl up on the sofa with Netflix and/or Sky Atlantic.

Who said romance was dead?

We’re up to date on The Affair, loved Stranger Things (although if I was to choose I’d say THE OA was slightly better) and have just finished the first series of The Good Fight. The latter is a spin off of The Good Wife with basically everyone in it except Alicia – anyone else uber disappointed with the last ever episode by the way?

We have both surprisingly enjoyed Shades of Blue – a police/detective based drama (and let me tell you, it has ALL the dramarama) where Jennifer Lopez plays the lead. I am now an official fangirl of JLo. Not least because the lady is so fit. And looks about two decades younger than her date of birth suggests. On the subject of fangirl, I have a whole new respect for Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon after the first season of Big Little Lies, their skin! their wardrobes! their excellent acting abilities! Can’t wait for season 2.

We have just started watching Riviera – we’re two episodes in and already completely hooked. I love a bit of luxe living combined with intense intrigue and ridiculously beautiful panoramic views.

The new Netflix series Gypsy starring Naomi Watts airs this evening, it’s generally been slated in reviews but I’m completely sold by the trailer. Also, I really want Naomi’s hair do.

And I can’t finish waffling on about what we’re watching without admitting to our guilty secret (which judging by social media, seems to be everyone’s guilty secret) and that’s…..Love Island.


Admittedly I spend a good proportion of it cringing behind a cushion but honestly, so funny – made even more so by my husband’s commentary:

“No no, he’s not is he?! oh no she’s going to cry! I feel so sorry for her now, ugh, I hope someone nice and posh comes in to sweep her off her feet”

“Why does everyone walk around with their actual bum out?!”

“Why does she do her make-up like a mannequin? Is that cool with the kids at the moment? it must be very hot there, do you think her face is itchy?”

That just leaves me with one last thing to say…..Camilla for President.

Do let me know what you are tuning into at the moment and what you would recommend, I clearly could fit some more stuff in I’m sure!