Yes that’s right, more-make-up-than-sense O’Shea is going to share with you how to get pretty (or should that be prettier? I’m sure you’re all hot-as without the need for cosmetic intervention) …using just 3 products. I’ll be honest I didn’t quite believe it myself when make-up artist Jodie Hazlewood said this was possible.

Now obviously, this look isn’t going to make you look as polished as perhaps your regular routine would but it’s quick, effective and perfect for those who would rather spend an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning. Or busy working Mamas like myself who have been known to leave the house with eyeliner only applied to one lid.

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To the right you will see a snazzy jpeg that opens out BIG for you to add to Pinterest should you wish to do so, I would also recommend the brush for concealer blending that Jodie used in this feature – very reasonably priced from ELF at £3.95.

In fact you should just check out ELF in general if you’ve not tried the products before, they make super stocking fillers.

DIY Pretty In Just Three Products By Jodie Hazlewood – The Steps

1. Use the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher to cover any darkness under the eye and use the ‘cats whiskers’ technique (pictured) to slightly highlight the centre of the face (it makes you look less tired, promise)

2. Blend well

3. Add lashings of mascara – Clump Defy by Max Factor is great!

4. Use a cream lip and cheek tint to add some much needed colour to your face. Dab a tiny amount high onto your cheeks and pat gently, you can always add more if needed.

5. Add the tint to the centre of your top and bottom lips and blend well. Here we used the ELF HD blush

I was loving the #FOTD chat that went on last week, so many new things for my Christmas list! Do let me know if you are going to give this particular look a whirl and if the results were pleasing.


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