I used to think of November as a pretty nondescript month; the leaves have done their turning and the excitement of Christmas too far away. That is until November proved to be the only date we could book a wedding venue and since then I’ve grown to really appreciate the eleventh month of the year. I’m still in denial November nods hello to us on Tuesday but I have a fab calendar lined up.

  • From October to December four of my friends will be welcoming bundles of joy into the world. The first arrival, the very tiny Emily May has just made her appearance and I cannot wait for newborn snuggles.
  • My sister is hosting her annual Fireworks party which will be a lovely opportunity to catch up with friends and family in the North.
  • I’m excited to attend the Chikae O.H. floral workshop next week. I adore flowers and arranging so I’m really looking forward to learning some new skills.
  • As mentioned, it’s our wedding anniversary in November too. It’s so good it falls on a Saturday but as yet we haven’t decided how to celebrate. Things have been so hectic lately I haven’t managed to find time to search for a hotel but we’re thinking we may head to the Big Smoke.
  • Our snug is almost complete so we moved on to decorating the dining room. Hopefully we’ll have the floor painted soon and can then move on to the kitchen makeover during November. My dad is going to help us with this one. What a legend.
  • Last year I wanted to write Christmas off but this year I’m really looking forward to the celebrations however I must say I’m holding back on any Christmas shopping until after our anniversary. This time of year is so beautiful so I want to keep in autumn mode for as long as possible. This hasn’t stopped me buying a couple of decorations though and the M&S collection has particularly caught my eye.
  • Finally I really hope you can forgive me as I may have told you all a cheeky white lie when I put together this post from reader ‘Carrie.’ You see ‘Carrie’ was in fact my friend Matt who was planning on surprising his lovely girlfriend with a trip for her 30th. I knew you would be the perfect bunch of ladies to ask for suggestions, however as Claire is a reader of RMS we had to try and keep the location on the down-low. I am very pleased to report that Matt whisked her off to Mauritius based on your recommendations and I’m even happier to report he returns back to the UK with a fiancée. Yes, Mauritius turns out to be the perfect spot for a proposal! This pair make a corker of a couple and I can’t wait for all the champagne in November to celebrate their amazing news. I hope you don’t hate me for fibbing just a little.

What do you have planned for the upcoming month? Have a great weekend and enjoy any Halloween celebrations.