When we asked you what you wanted to see on Rock My Style in 2015 (here if you missed it) a book club was one of the most popular ideas. So, without further ado, here goes, the launch of the Rock My Style book club. Cue klaxon!

The way we see it working is for us to read a book a month. We’ll let you know the chosen title at the start of the month and then get together a month later to discuss it, kicking off the discussion with a post outlining the thoughts of at least one Rock My Style team member. On the same post we’ll announce the next book, and so on. The only thing missing from an actual book club is the cheese and wine (or was that just my book club?!). Perhaps we could all write our reviews with a glass of Cab Sav and a chunk of Camembert to hand? Just as soon as I’ve gotten through not-drinking-January, of course…

This being a Rock My Style book club we’d love your suggestions for which books we read. Feel free to leave your ideas below this post and we’ll ask for suggestions via our other social media channels throughout the month too.

Charlotte and I put our heads together to choose the first book. We’ve decided on The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, which has won a whole heap of awards and is a book we’ve both been dying to read. It finally came out in paperback last week, perfect timing! I’ve just started it and, without giving anything away, I’ve already nearly missed my tube stop once because I was so engrossed, it’s that good, even just a few chapters in.

Going forward should we stick to fiction or could we read an autobiography, a cookbook, or another type of book entirely together? Have you already read The Miniaturist? (No spoilers please!). What do you think our next book should be? Leave any and all book club related thoughts below. Thank you!