Whether it be through online statements and bills, switching to a web based magazine subscription or opting out of junk mail lists, I’m sure over the past few years many of you have cut down on the amount of paper you bring in to the home.

I too have done all of the above but I still seem to acquire a whole load of paper and so this week I’m on a mission to declutter my office.

If you do a quick search around the internet for ‘mail organisation’ it could be assumed we all need a ‘family command center’. And yes I’m keeping the american spelling of this concept in there as it’s clearly an approach favoured by our friends across the pond.
If you’re not familiar with this idea it’s basically a central hub in the home where all organisation takes place; a designated area where all mail resides in pretty labelled baskets, the weekly schedule and to-do lists etched out on a blackboard and some even have hooks for school bags and a space for binders housing exceptionally important information. This all seems a bit hard-core for my house. James and I sync our gmail calendars so there’s no need for a paper planner, neither of us go to school so there’s no call for a backpack hook and the same goes for binders. However the more I think about it I realise a few stylish industrial style wire baskets would be helpful additions, and you never need to convince me about the benefits of a blackboard.

Rather than shred confidential waste I burn it on the fire. I recycle most envelopes (but always get confused about the plastic window. Can you recycle it?) and then the rest just hangs about waiting to be dealt with. It’s probably worth mentioning if you want to rid yourself of unsolicited mail you can sign up to an opt-out service.
I’ve really managed to talk myself into the idea of having a few strategically placed baskets for post. Maybe one for bills and the like, and the other for more general mail. I’m hoping it would make it easier to find the White Company brochure. I sense a little project coming on in my hallway.

The other issue I need to tackle is receipts. You see I have mountains of them, way over the recommended two years. I store them all in a rather vibrant pink box from Ikea, not dissimilar to the ones featured in our image slider above. I’d love to tell you all I go through them on a monthly basis and log them all in a handy spreadsheet, but I don’t. As I experienced the joy of completing my tax return at the weekend I realised I need a more conspicuous storage method as at the moment it’s very much out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps I need a more organised approach with colour coded dividers, or perhaps something more visible such as a glass jar? I have used apps in the past which scan receipts and create a digital version but I prefer a tangible paper copy myself.

Otherwise my office is fairly organised. My shelves and cupboards are crammed full of craft supplies sorted into individual boxes and I use ikea spice racks to store office essentials. I also use a mesh wastepaper bin to keep all my wrapping paper in one place and various dishes, pots and plates to store the necessities.

If you want to see one super stylish and exceptionally organised office then take a look at yesterday’s post. If you missed it Mrs O’Shea shared her utterly gorgeous workspace. I have serious studio envy. Anyway back to the question in hand, please do share how you keep your receipts, mail and other paperwork in check? Do you have any tips or stylish storage recommendations for keeping on top of the paper mountain?

Image sources | Green & white paper files | Boxes in shades of pink | Command centre with black baskets | Family command centre with white shelves.