Last month we received a request from reader Catherine who had recently moved in to a new townhouse with a lot of blank walls to fill and had a question for us all regarding gallery walls. “Moving from a flat with minimal wall space we haven’t got much in the way of artwork or posters to put on the walls! I see a lot of lovely home tours on the blog and the team’s Instagram pages feature lots of lovely posters, typography and prints. What sites would you recommend looking at and what looks good in a gallery wall”

I have been ordering a few prints for the bathroom and have any amount of them up on the walls in my house. The trend for larger art is also growing in popularity so together with the team here are a few of our favourite suppliers for posters and prints whatever the size.

  1. Atelier Big Jon – My Mother-In-Law very kindly bought me the Hotel print which I’m about to get framed for the bathroom. I also love the Umbrella photographic print too which was snapped on Jon’s Moroccan travels.
  2. Sonni & Blush – I had the desk calendar from this luxe boutique last year and have been admiring their new range. Each piece is hand-lettered, brush-lettered or hand-painted and a percentage of the profits goes towards providing education in Uganda and Sierra Leone.
  3. Balibart – As with a large amount of these print suppliers, Balibart are based in Europe however the shipping fees are very reasonable. Their range features really cool contemporary photography and illustrations which uniquely are uploaded by the artist who sets their own prices.
  4. The Poster Club – If you’re in the market for a bit of Ms Moss on your walls then The Poster Club is your place. They also stock the instagram favourite ‘Welcome To The City Of Champions by Emil Hartvig. They offer free worldwide shipping when you purchase two prints too and have a wide selection of contemporary art to adorn those blank walls.
  5. Juniqe – A new find for me. I’ve only just placed my first order so can’t comment quite yet but will let you know when I receive my order of Victoria Verbaan’s A Minikin. They offer a £5 discount on first orders which will cover your delivery charge. Their Single Ladies print really made me giggle too.
  6. Jason Munn – Favoured by Adam and on many a wall in #TheCheltenhamHouse, Graphic Artist Jason Munn has been designing artwork for local venues and independent musicians for the last twelve years.
  7. David Ehrenstrahle – I get asked countless times where the Paris print I have hanging by my desk is from. (Seen in the header above). It’s part of David Ehrenstrahle’s ‘My Guide To’ series of travel guides. My Mother-In-Law’s husband very kindly brought me two back from Sweden and I had them framed by an online custom framer. Mapiful emulate a similar aesthetic for a much more budget friendly alternative but the quality obviously hugely differs.
  8. Northlight Store – Lisa put me on to this homeware store last year. They seem to have the widest range of Rifle prints I’ve seen. Anna’s unmistakeable illustrations deserve to be in every gallery wall!
  9. Desenio – One of the lowest priced suppliers of art with smaller prints starting at just a few pounds. The choice is huge and there’s often discounts and delivery offers when you spend over £29.
  10. King and McGaw – I ordered Keri Bevan’s Brighton Carousel last year for my spare room and was really impressed with how quickly it arrived. King & McGaw also stock the iconic Andy Warhol prints too. At 100cm tall the frames for this size of print can be expensive but The Range do a plexi glass version for less than £14.

What Looks Good In A Gallery Wall?

  • Keep a cohesive theme; whether it be a similar colour palette or similar frames then its far easier on the eye if something unites the wall together. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t go for a vibrant and vivacious collection of prints but if you mix up with several pastel numbers it’s probably not going to have as much of the wow factor. For a bolder wall check out Dolly Alderton’s gallery collection. Her sofa is also to die for.
  • Gallery Wall

  • Choose pieces that have importance to you; maybe it’s a print of a place you’ve visited or a quote that resonates with you. Art is really personal and can be a wonderful reflection of the owner.
  • Personally I love a mismatch of typography, photography and illustrations and am a big fan of throwing in something unexpected for example a plate and a child’s painting like I used to have in my old living room. Greeting cards, wrapping paper and treasures such as old letters, initials and keys also look fabulous curated amongst a collection.
  • Be patient. It can take a while to amass a selection together
  • Lay out your design on the floor first or use paper templates secured on the wall with washi tape to avoid getting a bit too hammer happy. Command strips are one of my must-have tools for easily securing frames to the walls.
  • What are your favourite sources for prints and posters? I realised I haven’t even mentioned Etsy in my top ten! They’re great for affordable art especially as they offer lots of downloadable printables.