As much as I’d love to swan off down to my local florist on a weekly basis and hand pick blooms, it’s just not feasible from either a time or budget perspective. Instead I usually grab a few bunches with my weekly shop and dot them all around the house.

I love having fresh flowers and have a load of different vessels and vases to cram them in to. Today I just wanted to show you a few easy peasy DIY ideas if you’re lacking floral inspiration. You can achieve them by using bits and pieces from around the house, having a bit of a forage in your own garden and picking up a bouquet or two when you’re next down the supermarket.

Bottle it up

The first idea is to use a selection of bottles. You can obviously use any variety; vintage; tall, short or brand spanking new. Our little milk bottles are from The Wedding of My Dreams and we used Iris trimmed down to size to set out our first floral scene.
I’ve set these out on the mantelpiece but they’d also look terrific running down the centre of any table. We had originally planned to use a few types of Daffodils for this look but unfortunately our Daffs had a thirsty moment and sadly weren’t particularly photogenic by the end of day.

Vintage Tins

I love tulips and they work particularly well for our next approach as they always seem to look their best spilling over the edge of a container. Here I’ve used a vintage tin and simply popped the glass inside to hold the flowers. Despite the similarity to my own surname, sadly I am not the heiress to the mustard fortune but I do seem to be drawn to any memorabilia with the mustard logo. Have you seen the commemorative Campbells condensed soup cans? I think this idea could work really well with a snazzy tin can or any type of storage tin.

Filler Foliage

Finally, our third idea involved a quick trip out to the garden to grab some Eucalyptus but you could use any foliage that you have growing in your garden. I had originally planned to show a step-by-step instruction for this but it’s so easy there wasn’t any need.
For this look I used an old wooden box from an antique shop and picked up a plastic takeaway carton so that the box could be made waterproof. Next I chopped off a chunk of oasis (which has to be one of the most satisfying things to do – ever) and then soaked it in water until it was fully submerged in water. I then cut down half a dozen roses and a handful of greenery to about 10cm long and then proceeded to ram it all into the oasis until I had covered all the gaps. This idea works best in a shallow container so if you don’t have a box to hand then grab a bowl or a flat bottomed dish.

So there you have it, three little ideas to bear in mind next time you’re down the supermarket. Anyone fancy giving any of these ideas a whirl? Any other suggestions to brighten up a room quickly with florals? If you do get snap happy with your own floral inspirations on Instagram then don’t forget to tag @rockmystyleblog so we can all have a gander.