I’m all for going to town on the Christmas decorations. In the lounge we have a tree that’s so wide that it blocks off the toy cupboard. (Every time Lyra goes to get a toy out, half a pine forest is shed on the carpet). There are wreaths in the kitchen and Christmas cushions in the bedroom. And thanks to Rich the outside of our house looks like Blackpool illuminations. However, when it comes to Christmas cards, I’m just not sure what to do with them all.

The windowsill? One draught and they tumble down. The mantelpiece? It’s already looking pretty crowded, what with fairy lights and a garland and candles. The TV unit? No chance. Jenson scooting around in his walker would have them in a flash. Last year I bought one of those peg and string Christmas card hanging kits from somewhere like Poundland, but all the little pegs kept falling off the string, the string kept getting tangled, and our cat Millie liked to attack the suction pads at either end of the string. Definitely more trouble than it was worth.

So this year, after explaining my dilemma to Lorna, she decided to knock up the uber stylish card hanging contraption that’s in the header. All you need is a sturdy branch, string, little wooden pegs and some eucalyptus. And I’ve included a few more ideas below.Branch Christmas card holder

Plywood Tree

The theme we’ve got going on in our lounge is traditional red and gold, but there are other pops of rainbow colour, so this cute wood tree board really appeals.

Wooden Card Holder

Has anyone checked out any of the new Hay/Ikea collection? As a lover of all things Scandi, I was always going to be a fan. I particularly like the look of the Ypperlig wall shelf which could be a good alternative if you’re not a dab hand at DIY.

String ‘Em Up

Along fairy lights, along the staircase, in front of a window … but for the reasons above the Poundland kits might be best avoided.

Frame A Door

I asked Lyra for her views (a three year old’s opinion is always priceless), and she said we should just stick all the Christmas cards to the wall. I didn’t follow up this idea, but it’s essentially what the guys at InteriorGuide.se have done.

Rustic Ladder

I’ve had my eye on a rustic ladder for the bathroom in one of my favourite local shops for a while. If I can also use it to hang Christmas cards off every December, it’s good value for money, right?

What do you do with your Christmas cards? (I have one friend who admits to binning the naff ones straight away!)

In this age of social media, do you reckon that the Christmas card will one day become obsolete?