I am the first to admit, I am hideously messy. Not just a little untidy, no, I have a distinct ability to make a room look like a bomb has hit it in under five minutes flat. It’s really quite a talent.

The ’24 hour rule’ helps me no end in my quest for a neat and tidy home. I’ve heard people have a ‘one touch’ rule too but I can’t bring myself to be disciplined. In my house the idea is that something can be out of place for no longer than a day and has to put back in it’s rightful home before the day is out.

Moving into our new home at the end of last year I was struck by the realisation that there was very little storage. How does one put things back in their home if there isn’t anywhere to put them? The last nine months have been spent rehoming the homeless and I’m pleased to say we’re in a good place with storage now. I learned a few lessons along the way which you might be interested in – some of them may or may not be Kondo endorsed.

  • There are some ruddy gorgeous boxes, hampers, baskets and fancy storage items about. Don’t buy them. You’re just learning to hoard items you don’t need. By all means treat yourself to one or two to corral your chargers, batteries, keys and the like but keep all miscellaneous bits together in one room. Trust me, it’s really not necessary to have a box of crap in every single room.
  • Don’t make do. Go bespoke. When I was looking for somewhere to stash my shoes I considered this Urban Outfitters Industrial Dresser. The colour wasn’t quite right and James’ size tens would be a little squished but I nearly added to my online basket. In the end I didn’t submit my order and instead went bespoke. (You can read all about it our Jali cupboard in my hallway reveal). For about two thirds of the price I got a truly original piece that fits all our everyday shoe collection in, with no squashed toes.
  • Keep on top of the clutter and clear out regularly. I permanently have charity shop bags on the go and as soon as they’re full bundle them into the car for someone else to enjoy. Similarly I try to clear out my make-up bag and bathroom cupboard every few months to keep on top of the wayward cotton wall pads and straying bottle lids.
  • Go capsule. No word of lie, my wardrobe is now a two metre rail. And I share it with my husband.
  • If you’re a hoarder like me, then resist the urge to keep every bit of personal memorabilia but do keep one or two memories to remind you of the good times. My memory jar is filled full of wedding favour tags but not the contents of Paperchase which used to come home with me after attending a big day.
  • If you can cope with the dusting then put some of your favourite collections on display rather than hiding them behind closed doors. I recently sprayed three ikea kitchen rails copper and plonked my heels on top. Cheaper than buying a large piece of art to go on the wall and just as pretty. Kind of.
  • On the same subject as using walls for storage, then do try to utilise every space; can you put a shelf over a door? Can you put pull out drawers under kitchen cupboards? We have a disused fireplace in our dining room which I knew we’d never have a need to resurrect. Instead James whacked a few shelves inside and two doors on the outside and voila a new cabinet for my crockery for about £60.
  • What are your tips for storing all your worldly belongings? Any great finds or tricks you have for your stash?