All this talk about autumn is making me feel uneasy. My instagram feed is filled with folks proclaiming they’re done with summer and can’t wait for the next season.
Ever since I wrote this post about the days racing by I’ve made a conscious effort to appreciate all the things that July and August have to offer. Why do we spend so much of winter wishing the time away, but seem to tire of summer once the longer days come by?

As much as I’ve relished the nights when British summertime has done it’s usual thing and brought a torrential downpour – I mean, who doesn’t love lighting candles and throwing on a boxset rather than running about like a blue arsed fly watering the garden? I have to say I want to enjoy a few more sunny days before I get my sheepskins out. I’ve only sat on my new patio about three times, enjoyed one barbecue and flicked the switch on the festoon lights just a handful of times. Don’t say it’s over yet?!

In meteorological terms, autumn does indeed start on September 1st but astronomically it’s not until September 22nd. That’s a whole 37 days! It’s over 10% of a year! When I put that in to a Google search result it predicted I was asking how long until Christmas. The whole internet is against my plan to live in the moment.
Well I’ve still got a mini break to plan, (if anyone has any spots to recommend around Turin then please let me know as we’re heading to a wedding there in the next few weeks), a bank holiday barbecue to host and several lightweight frocks still to wear.

Don’t get me wrong I love autumn. I love apple crumble, long walks in low sunshine, falling leaves, new jumpers and all that jazz. On the jumper front I wonder if it’s because no knitwear has caught my eye that I have an aversion to fall this year? However this bee jumper from Oasis is mighty cute. Maybe it’s because I have a love/hate relationship with autumn’s hottest hue khaki?

As we head towards the weekend, here’s a little request from me to you. Stop and smell the hydrangeas, have a glass of rosé and throw open the windows. Turn off your phone and enjoy the daylight before those long winter days. Call it mindfulness, call it being present or just call it living life. Just enjoy it. Summer 2017. I’m not done with you yet.