We need to talk about Diprobase Ointment. Previously only available on prescription, and as far as I know – only in a cream formulation, this rich emollient is THE all-purpose salve for itchy patches, scrapes and generally unsightly flaky skin.

Ever since Mabel was born, she has suffered with uber sensitivity and allergies. We’ve plastered her in Diprobase cream whenever she has had an adverse reaction and it definitely soothes and moisturises. It wasn’t until more recently and she had an almost permanent red “dummy” rash around her chops, that I discovered the ointment version and decided to give it a whirl. As it’s essentially water resistant it acts as a barrier as well as a healing aid. It really worked – and as a result I’ve since used it on chapped hands (mine have been tragic this year) rough elbows and this strange irritation I’ve had on and off around my hairline recently.

It is very VERY greasy. I wouldn’t recommend it for use in the day unless you a) don’t mind looking like you are smothered in lard b) don’t mind your clothing or indeed anything that comes into contact with it, smothered in lard.

I put it on my hands before drifting off into the land of nod with my white bamboo gloves over the top. It is not by any stretch of the imagination a sexy bedtime look. Unless of course you believe a traditional magician get-up is hot. (If you do that’s fine, I’m not judging.) You will however wake up to paws that appear at least 5 years younger with significantly less dryness. Now that I’ve waxed lyrical about ointment, I’ll do my best to whizz through the other budget products currently lining my bathroom shelves….

The weird hair line rash I mentioned? I think it’s my purple (brassy-be-gone toner) shampoo that’s the culprit. I’ve used it for almost 7 YEARS (I know!) and yet the recent packaging update leads me to believe they have also messed around with the ingredients. It’s been effecting my eyes too – I often wake up with puffy lids that have a not-very-youthful droop to them until at least lunchtime. Pair that with my regular daily barnet cleanser being discontinued and I’ve turned to Charles Worthington for the Volume and Bounce Shampoo and their Colour Enhancing Violet Toning Shampoo.

So far, so good. You can buy mini “Travel” sizes of this brand too so you’ve only wasted £1.99 if you decide it’s not for you (or your locks.)

After regularly running out of my go-to Avene eye make-up remover (it’s as gentle as anything but I wouldn’t recommend it for the removal of hardcore mascara) and finding it out of stock, I bought the new Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make-up remover. It doesn’t have any perfume or alcohol and doesn’t sting or leave any unwanted residue. I like it very much. And at under two quid (!) I can afford to buy 5 bottles for the price of just one tube of my old favourite.

Body wise I’ve recently gone back to the Soap & Glory Flake Away, it does what it says on the tin – I feel very refreshed and squeaky clean after use. It doesn’t seem to aggravate existing eczema either. Post exfoliation I have been slathering myself in Garner Ultimate Blends Multi Purpose Soothing Balm – it’s packed with some of my most loved sensitive-type bits and bobs such as oat milk, almond oil and shea butter and it smells DIVINE. It sinks in super quick, isn’t at all sticky AND only costs £5.99 for a 200ml tub.

Finally, after all of that over-night ointment application on my mitts, during the day I’ve been rubbing in a generous dollop of Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced repair Hand Cream. No fancy and no frills but it works. And I don’t feel as though I’m transferring it all over my laptop whilst I’m typing away.

What skincare bargains have you discovered at the pharmacy/drugstore recently? If anyone could recommend a kind of bronzy/gold shimmering body cream/lotion that doesn’t end up everywhere except your limbs it would be much appreciated!