This isn’t a feature on my thoughts on the various social media channels and how on earth anyone finds the time to keep up with them all (that’s to come at some point I’m sure) but rather a Friday afternoon “ponder”. Rock My Style dabbles with a fair few social media platforms, you may well already follow one or two… What I want to know is, what is it you would like to well… See on the various different channels?


You can find our Pinterest account here. We’ve got various different boards covering all of our different categories as well as a few extra areas that we feel deserve their own.

Is there anything you folks would like us to inspire you with imagery wise? Or anything you wish we could expand on that we already cover? Pinterest in completely addictive. I have to set myself designated time otherwise I can literally lose myself for an hour or two and not even realise.


You can find our Twitter account here. We use this for networking with brands we might like to feature and whatnot. Do you use Twitter? what kind of thing makes you follow a particular account?


You can find our Facebook account here. We post updates to our features on a daily basis, from experience we know that quite a few of our readers essentially wait for the Facebook reminder in order to come on over to the blog. We also post various discussional topics, anything we feel is “news worthy” and the odd amusing quote or two.

Do you rely on Facebook to link to features? or is there anything else you would like to see in your feed?


You can find our instagram account here. We tend to post our prettiest pictures from features and various bits and bobs from behind the scenes. From a personal perspective this is the channel I use the most, I love looking at beautiful photography and I find most of my inspiration from the amazing talent I witness as I scroll through the profiles I follow.

As I mentioned, we appreciate it’s time consuming keeping up to date with everything all of the time, and the last thing we want to do is repeat content constantly, however, we also need to make sure no-one misses out on anything particularly fabulous.

If you don’t necessarily have the time to leave your thoughts in the comment section this afternoon (It’s Friday, I hope you’re all planning your weekend and helping yourself to a brownie) but any time you have a spare five minutes over the weekend would be much appreciated.