One thing I adore about the RMLtd community is how helpful our readers are. After my skincare goals feature back in January I had so many product recommendations and techniques to try on my combination skin, I wanted to drop back in and let you know how I’ve been getting on.

Skin Diagnosis

One theme which emerged through the comments was the need to determine whether the unattractive flaky patches I had were down to dry or dehydrated skin. I devoured the Caroline Hirons site and decided I do in fact have dehydrated skin, characterised by large pores, ashen tight skin with visible blackheads. What a way to start your Friday morning.

Adding Acid

Several of you lovely ladies suggested I need to bring some acid into my skincare routine. Now this word used to terrify me as it seems so flipping harsh and abrasive, however one product was mentioned so frequently I felt I would be crazy not to give it a whirl. Oh hello, Pixi Glow Tonic. It seemed the world and his wife were already using the cult-favourite exfoliating toner. They were lapping up the aloe vera, ginseng and botanical extracts and getting a gorgeous glow. With the promise my skin was going to revived and renewed by the 5% glycolic acid I bought a bottle. £18 later and the 100ml bottle arrived and I was keen to give it a try. I’m gutted to say I really haven’t seen much of an impact after using the product. As with most new products I experienced a breakout, however these spots were so angry and persistent that after two weeks I gave myself a break from the tonic to let my skin recover before trying again. My pores are visibly smaller than they were before Christmas but this may be down to the No 7 Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliator I started at the end of the year.

Back to the drawing board, I once again went through the comments to find a second ‘wonder’ product’. Enter Alpha H Liquid Gold. As an award winning resurfacing treatment I was hoping this bad boy would improve the texture of my complexion and soften the redness caused by the aforementioned pimples. Having used just once the results are really promising. After removing my make-up on Wednesday night I applied the liquid with cotton wool to my face and neck and went moisturiser-free before climbing in to bed. Yesterday’s application of make-up went on like a dream, with my epidermis feeling slightly more plumper and there was definitely less oil to contend with. The lack of evening moisturisation gives an intensive treatment but it’s really important to use an SPF with this product in the day. I’m going to use it again over the weekend and will persevere with Pixi Glow in-between too.


Next week it’s my friend’s birthday and myself and a gaggle of girls are off for a few beauty treatments and a cheeky glass or two of fizz. I’ve booked in for a facial which I’m hoping will reset my skin and erase the blackheads before I continue with all the new products I seem to have in my bathroom.
Next I need to start some research on suitable moisturisers and am keen to try a new foundation too. I went from one extreme to the other last year after feeling the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation was a bit too heavy. I started using the Seventeen CC Cream in the summer as a lightweight mattifier but would really prefer something with more medium coverage. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on.

Anyone else overhauling their skincare at the moment? How are you getting on and have you made any new discoveries?