I have found the whole Black Friday phenomenon…..overwhelming. I honestly haven’t known which retail website to visit first or if I am considering buying items simply because they are such a bargain or because I actually like them.

You know when you are confronted with an all-you-can-eat buffet and you feel the need to put loads of stuff on your plate and shovel it down really quickly even though you don’t need to do either? That.

Throw in the fact I’ve got 13 coming for Christmas dinner, the house is currently an assault course of unopened boxes, half painted rooms, ripped-up carpet and furniture-less spaces and I think I’m having some kind of minor shopping meltdown.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things are currently sitting in various virtual baskets waiting for me to do something with them. Yet every time I go to press “complete purchase” I just can’t quite bring myself to do it. If the things I really need are not on offer then what’s the point?

I know. When did I become so sensible?

Now then, I’m not completely without the powers of enabling, because me not buying anything at all would be like me giving up cake. Or Prosecco. Or both together. So here is a small list of what I’ve actually bought (apologies in advance if not all of it is currently discounted.)

I needed a cheap, medium sized bag for carrying around both Mabel’s and my essentials – her toddler required “kit” has significantly reduced recently but I still need to fit in wipes and a bib for potential accidents. This grey shoulder bag by Kin at John Lewis is perfect. And only £39.

I’m VERY into pink right now – I’m loving this chunky knit blush jumper from Fashion Union at ASOS and an ASOS own brand crew neck number in nude. (Currently 20% off with the code GOGOGO until the 29th November 8am GMT.)

I am officially the scruffiest woman at my gym. Seriously, I’m not fishing for compliments or exaggerating – my workout gear is an old, over-washed embarrassment. And so I’ve bought the Zen Yoga Leggings from Sweaty Betty to help improve my chic rating whilst my thighs are burning like hell during reformer pilates. They are uber flattering. And as I type there is 20% off everything. If you need to up your fitness fashion game then buy a pair. I promise your bum will thank you for it.

I’ve stocked up on my Estee lauder favourites whilst there is 10% off beauty products pretty much everywhere right now. The Double Wear Brush On Glow BB concealer and the Little Black Liner are staples in my make-up bag.

Our festive social calendar is already looking crazy bananas but on the nights we have yet to fill with friends and mulled wine, not only are we still to find a local babysitter so we will more than likely have to stay in (and I am pleased, so geek thrilled not to have to do anything!) but we are also frankly exhausted. This new house sorting lark is bloody knackering. I would appreciate some film recommendations from you lovely lot if you have a moment – nothing too challenging if possible as my brain can’t handle it (over the weekend we watched 50 Shades Of Grey which was surprisingly no where near as awful as I was expecting, but still admittedly pretty cringe-y).

If you are wondering about the reasoning behind my header image of choice it’s because the bride is wearing my favourite wedding dress of the year (Am I allowed to have a favourite? well sod it – I do) and it’s by Needle & Thread whom make THE most exquisitely embroidered pieces for far less than you would expect. There are currently various items by them for 50% off on The Outnet . Well worth a butchers if you are yet to find that dazzling dress for NYE.

How have you felt about the sales? Do you feel the pressure to find multiple bargains and do it quick it case you miss out? Isn’t today cyber Monday?!