Come on admit it, how many of you guessed the next “rock my” adventure?! turns out we’re not so great at keeping secrets. But what the hell, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops soon enough so we may as well give you lovely bunch the heads up on this fine Thursday morning.

Our maternity section has been more popular than we ever imagined, we’ve somehow managed to build a wonderful community of parents that give each other useful advice and constant support. From a personal perspective, I honestly don’t think I would’ve felt as confident as I have at my new role as a mother had it not been for all of the well wishes and positivity received on my Mabel features over the last 18 months.

As many of you will know, Rock My Style was never supposed to have a family focus as such and as a result we have kind of had to shoe horn it in. Part of our decision to create a dedicated family blog is that certain topics that we feel are really important to talk about are not always, well… stylish. And so certain motherhood related subjects are not entirely appropriate for this particular blog. The last thing we want to do is completely confuse our audience. And actually, some subjects are so thought provoking and so necessary that they should to have their own place within the world wide web, not a teeny tiny afterthought section of a drop down menu that isn’t updated regularly.

Rock My Family will have everything you already know and love about our existing websites, unique ideas, inspiration, beautiful photography and the opportunity to comment, seek advice and join in the daily witty banter. But it will also endeavour to conquer the more controversial aspects of parenting, we want to create a space where you folks always feel welcome, where you are able to find the answers to difficult questions without feeling judged or intimidated. We will ensure all judgy pants are left firmly at the proverbial door.

Rock My Family will have a team of 6 core writers, all Mamas with littles of different ages, juggling the joys of parenthood, making mistakes and learning as we go. In the not too distant future we will enable the ability for submissions via the blog – we would love to share your stories and experiences too.

We are aiming to release the new blog mid October, in the meantime you can visit and sign up for updates and of course follow us on our various social media platforms.

Thanks so much for being with us through this exciting and evolving journey, we can’t wait for you to join us for the next chapter.