My wardrobe changes with my mood and what I’m doing that day. There isn’t a dress code at Sternberg Clarke, where I work as entertainment coordinator, but as a general rule I prefer to look too smart rather than too casual. Looking smart helps to put me in a work frame of mind.

I’m quite slim with quite a boyish figure and so I gravitate towards clothes that make me feel more feminine.

More often than not I’ll wear a dress if I’m going anywhere remotely smart. Dresses make people think you’ve made a real effort but actually they’re often more comfortable and less effort than anything else because you only have to think about what accessories you’re going to wear.

Someone at work was wearing a high-waisted pencil skirt the other day and they said, “I feel like I look like you!” so obviously I do have a ‘look.’

Shine on

I feel like an off-duty Barbie in this outfit! I bought the skirt from River Island for New Year’s Eve after seeing blogger Gala Darling wearing something similar. It’s high-waisted, which works better on me than a dropped waist. It just needs a simple top, this strapless one from TopShop works well.

On repeat

Outside of work, if I’m just hanging around at home or going to the pub, I tend to opt for skinny jeans and a simple top. When I find something that works, like these Leigh jeans from TopShop, I’ll buy it in multiple colours. The pink New Look blouse is as easy-to-wear as a t-shirt, but much smarter.

Flower power

This floral print dress from Urban Outfitters is so comfortable I wore it on a flight to Australia. The flower print is like a darker version of a Cath Kidston style print, so it’s feminine without being too girly.

The day shift

I bought this crepe shift dress from TopShop for my Nanna’s funeral last year. Mum said to wear something bright, as opposed to the usual black. It’s been a wardrobe staple ever since.

Skater girl

One of my go-to outfits right now, the striped top and skater skirt are both from TopShop. My sister has exactly the same top in red. We often end up buying the same clothes and, because we frequently socialize together, we have to consult before we go out so we don’t end up wearing the same thing.