Since entering motherhood my hair has been somewhat neglected. I realised in November that I hadn’t had my highlights done since March, and even though I was working some kind of unintentional ombre, I am normally a slave to the bleach. I missed my ashy blonde roots.

Once I’d finally made an appointment at the hairdressers I figured it was about time I actually styled my locks once in a while, with Christmas fast approaching and a few party dresses purchased my (very old) curling wand made a very welcome appearance.

I don’t enjoy “doing” my hair. It’s too faffy, it’s boring and I get arm ache. I’ve watched several of these alleged “quick” tutorials on Youtube and I’m yawning a few minutes in. SO many products and implements, not to mention all that sectioning with crocodile clips and backcombing fandango.

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That said, I do love a beachy boho wave, minimum fuss, maximum longevity and that kind of effortless undone vibe. This tutorial is literally how I create my version, don’t expect gloss or perfection, this really is just-stepped-out-of-the-sea-and-not-a-salon. It’s cool. And it’s quick.

Lottie very kindly modelled for me, I’ve included the details below, the associated images in the slider above and a snazzy step-by-step pin to the right. I would LOVE to hear how you do yours and of course any questions in the comments box below.

{You Will Need}

A curling/waving wand – mine is several years old now but the Mark Hill Salon Professional Interchangeable Wand from Boots is supposed to be excellent. It comes with several barrels – I like the 25mm or 35mm (depending on thickness of hair) to create a more tousled wave rather than a curl.

Root Lifting Spray – I rate Quick Tease 15 by Redken as it’s the dogs you-know-whats. Like actual backcombing in a can.

Finishing/Texturising Spray – for hold/extra beach-babe ness. My favourite is Wind Blown also by Redken. I buy mine from as they always have discounts on and are currently giving away gifts with purchase.

{How To}

1. It’s beneficial if you begin with blow dried hair that you’ve applied a volumising mousse to, but it’s not a necessity. Start by switching your wand on to the hottest setting it will go…. Burn baby burn! (but not your hands obviously, wear a heat protective mitt if you have one)

2. Take sections at random – some thinner, some thicker, whatever, it all adds to the overall look. Twist them backwards AWAY from your face around the wand, hold for 6-10 seconds per section (you’ll know after practicing a few times the optimum length of time for your hair type and by how “wavy” you want it to be). Do this all over your bonce until you think everywhere has been covered.

3. Take the top layer of your hair (the top third-ish, it doesn’t have to be precise) and spray underneath this section with the root lift, I go from one side to the other and back again, holding the can about 8 inches from the roots.

4. Spray all over with a texturising spray and shake out the hair to see if you have any straight bits hanging around uninvited, do what the Top hair salons Manhattan do to their clients, go over them with the wand again if required.

5. A few random plaits are optional – they add a bit more time but I like the effect they create, I tend to do a few to frame the face (usually in the car on the way to my destination, it drives James crazy as I almost always elbow him in the face whilst he’s driving…)

6. Lastly lift the roots and tousle your waves with your fingers until you are happy they are suitably fabulous. You can spray more product on at this point if you require even more texture and volume. And voila! 6 easy steps to boho.

I have long hair and this takes me about 10 minutes tops.You will notice I don’t use one of those salt-surf sprays, I think they can weigh the hair down a bit and go crunchy. I can get a few days out of this style with the products mentioned with an additional bit of teasing and extra wand-ing (I’m making this a thing) each morning.

Please do let me know if this kind of real-style tutorial is useful as obviously we can do plenty more!

P.S If you like Lottie’s natural glow-y make-up in this tutorial I’ll be sharing that on Rock My Family on Thursday!


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