It’s exactly a year since we first clapped eyes on our new house and fell head over heels in love. With Charlotte’s move to her new abode planned in the next month or so I’ll shortly be handing over the ‘new home’ accolade to our favourite blog queen. Therefore I thought it would be best to introduce you to the whole of our pad before you get acquainted with Charlotte’s and share the progress since we moved in nine months ago.

The particulars of the house were a bit sketchy and our lovely neighbours gave us the impression the house was a 1920s build, however a bit of recent digging has unearthed the cottage’s history – it was in fact a piggery and worker’s cottage in the mid 19th century. Very glam.

In the nine months that have followed we’ve been juggling some pretty intensive workloads with a home makeover. Other than the first image of our living room, all the other images in the slider are the ‘befores’ snapped by Adam back in January. Since then here’s what we’ve been up to.

Living Room

If you followed our Rock My Room series you’ll know this was the first room we tackled. New alcove shelving, lighting and a fire surround were added as well as painting the walls in Crown’s Sail White.


Other than replacing the lighting to LED spots and two hanging pendants we haven’t made any progress here. After a lot of comments on my kitchen post, we plan to retile and paint the cupboards very soon. We’re definitely going for a more DIY approach as my eyes are still watering from the £2.8K quote we received to respray the units white!

Dining Room

Next month we hope to replace the floor in here. Glass doors lead through from the kitchen in to the dining room so I’d like to see the slate floor flow through in to the dining area. James recently built a cupboard in the old chimney breast but other than that, this room remains untouched.

The Downstairs Bedroom

Every house comes with a compromise and this was ours. Our fourth bedroom is actually downstairs and formerly the pig-sty! Living up to its name this room is a complete tip and piled high with photo frames, washing and all sorts of other paraphernalia. We hope this will one day be a garden room/guest bedroom as the door you see to the left is an en-suite wet room.

The Snug

Currently in progress. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know we’ve added alcove shelving and a fire surround. I’ve just commissioned a set of solid shutters for the window and I’ve been told the new sofa and footstool are on their way. I’m hoping to share the final room with you very soon.

Hallway, Stairs and Landing

We’ve replaced the carpet on the stairs and landing and painted the walls about 16 times. We added a custom shoe cupboard from Jali and DIY picture ledges. You can see all the details in my hallway reveal post. The upstairs landing has been painted but is yet to be adorned with another gallery wall.

Spare Rooms

Both of the spare rooms have been painted and recarpeted but I’ve pretty much ground to a halt in these spaces. Lacking inspiration I’m going to tackle them over the next few months and have recently bought some Laura Ashley paint to coat my old dressing table and drawers. I’ve included the before shots of the room in the slider above and hopefully the ‘afters’ will follow soon.

Master Bedroom

I revealed the bedroom make-over back in June unveiling a blush, grey and gold colour scheme. We’re still in love with the bed from Loaf and have added in a couple more accents such as the Marks and Spencer Shaggy Throw. The biggest change in here was switching the laminate to pale grey carpet with the squidgiest of underlay.


There’s no en-suite upstairs but the small family bathroom is located just next to the master. Adam’s snaps show the floor in tact but this was ripped up when we had some electrical issues earlier this year. Other than that no changes have happened in this room or the Shower Room which is further along the landing. I have big plans for next year involving herringbone tiles, shutters and more than likely replacing the suite with something less modern.


Ahh the garden. I had huge plans for out here involving outdoor kitchens and goodness knows what else. We toiled away to spruce it up for a party in June and gave the shed a makeover but then the rest of the summer disappeared in a bit of a blur. I have high hopes that 2017 will bring me a big patio makeover.

There you have it. Chez Coleman and the progress. I had hoped to have the whole place redecorated by Christmas and this definitely isn’t going to be the case however I am pleased with the improvements we’ve made so far. We’re in it for the long haul and I’d far rather take my time than rush into making hasty decisions. This place finally feels like home and I think perhaps it doesn’t hate us so much anymore 😉
How long did it take for you to put your stamp on your home? Did anyone find it took far longer than you thought?