It’s no secret that I suffer from hyper-sensitive dry skin. As well as outbreaks of eczema and completely random eyelid swelling, my lips also cause me frequent grief.

I am actually allergic to octyldodecyl which is used in many lipsticks and glosses – I had allergy tests some years ago and this ingredient literally burnt a hole in my epidermis when it was adhered to my back using those fetching patches that are taped on and left for 72 hours.

This means that there are probably several marvellous lipsticks out there that I am simply unable to test, and therefore review and subsequently recommend. Just putting it out there should you wonder why I do seem to favour certain brands.

Lauren and I appear to suffer from the same flaky pout conundrum – certain lip products are fine for a few hours but unless it’s essentially a moisturising gloss such as the balm/gloss hybrid I mentioned a few weeks ago, our lips look significantly less luxe by 11am having applied even a creamy lipstick after breakfast.

Sometimes you just NEED a lipstick – the finish is more “done” and most formulations enable you to define and emphasise shape and size more than a natural dose of goopy sheen ever will – no matter how pretty the gloss.

After being so impressed with the aforementioned Clinique’s Pop Colour plus Primer Lacquer and reading your recommendations, I decided to give the lipstick version a whirl.

Wow. Just wow. I’m not going to pretend I understand what the folks at the Estee Lauder laboratories did to make such a game changing tube of magic but they bloody well succeeded. This bullet of perfection feels like a soft non-goopy balm, sweeps on easily and flawlessly with super pigmentation and fades evenly. And absolutely NO dryness or flakes. ALL DAY.

I have Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour & Prime Lipstick in Beige Pop (a pinky peach) Sugar Pop (a more rosy-hued nude) and Sweet Pop (a bright Fuchsia with mauve undertones).

The ONLY fault I would pick is the fact the tube base is supposed to depict the colour of the associated product and it doesn’t. At all. So don’t be put off by the seemingly drab hues of the casing, go and try them on for yourself.

If I don’t comment back today it’s because the entire Rock My Team will be at Adam’s wedding, all dressed up with our dancing shoes…. however, I will be undoubtedly wearing what I have announced as “Possibly The Best Lipstick In The World” so do feel free to check out my pout on instagram.

Happy Fri-yay all!

P.s The header photo was taken in the amazing NEW home of Rebecca – she of this home tour fame. All the details are coming VERY soon to Rock My Style.